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Paws Have Been Paid For :3

I still have ~$40 left in my Paypal account too, which I could just transfer back to my bank account, but I'll likely just leave it in there. I figure Adam will have that money for me tomorrow, which I can deposit then, and that should bring me up to $7,220 or so. I plan on going to Sobeys *tonight* once I get home from work as well, because I want to get a bag of those corn puff things <3 Possibly more too, but we'll see.

Work tonight is probably going to suck though, because I've been up since 12:30. Got six hours of sleep, and I know I've gone on less before, but wanting to go to sleep and not being at home is rather frustrating ;_; It's at least Manoah and me closing, and I think Steve is there too, along with Dan or George. And it's payday too, which means it'll be busier than normal, however much so that is :s

So yeah. Other than writing this, I've gone to get my hair cut today, and "made" this once we were back at home. Coming back from Tilbury, I was thinking how I liked some of the songs in the game, and that I'd have to look for a soundtrack, but, well, I couldn't find one, so I made it myself ^^ It's not official or anything, of course, but it works~ I'd upload it as a torrent to Demonoid or something, but I didn't bother to check there first, so there may already be one, and I already sort of got in trouble for having uploaded so much last month. And I don't mean uploading *new* stuff, but rather just seeding torrents that were already there. I thought that was the right thing to do ;_;

But meh. It's 6:40, so I should at least get my uniform packed up for work...

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