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Sobeys Can Wait 'till Tomorrow

I was all for going there tonight, up until the point of getting home at 4 and sitting in front of my laptop for 40 minutes. Usually I call it a night anywhere from 5 to 7 in the morning, and I'm more tired than usual today, from having to be up early to go get our hair cut. Even if I had slept in 'till 2 or so, I'd only have been awake for another hour, which is really a waste of both time and money. But I can and will go sometime tomorrow night, so that'll be something to look forward to.

One of the reasons I spent so much time just sitting there in the first place was because of a couple things Manoah said tonight. For one, he wanted me to send him one of the songs from Guitar Hero: On Tour (Jessie's Girl, to be specific), which was no problem, and he also emailed me that picture I wanted, which was sort of interesting because I've been bothering him to do it for almost a week now, and yet within five minutes tonight he'd sent it from his cell phone, and one other thing as well. After we'd heard the weather on the radio, I made a comment about how it was good that it would be cool out for the walk home, because the cold is good. He started saying something, then decided that it was mean, but I asked him about it several minutes later. Apparently I'm like a Yeti or something because I always like the cold. So one of the other bits of the email I sent him said that "Yeti" wasn't quite the right word, and that if he thought hard enough about what I've told him already, he'd figure out what I was getting at.

And to be completely honest, one of the reasons I chose a snow leopard for my fursona is because I do like the cold much more than the heat, and am able to tolerate it more than, well, most of the other staff at Taco Bell in this case. *Not* the other way around, which is what I'm afraid he's going to think. Besides, it seems entirely silly to force yourself to do something you don't enjoy just for the sake of species :s Oh, and he's also supposed to be stopping by on his way to work tomorrow to take a look at Adam's PSP, assuming he remembers. He mentioned something about how he might be getting a GST check, which makes me wonder if we'll be seeing them as well, but the only way to find out right now is to either stay up 'till the mail gets here, or go to bed and look on the kitchen counter when I wake up, and I'm not going for the first option.

Work itself was surprisingly good for a Thursday, but it still started off extremely busy (we did something like $1,200 between 7 and 10). Shawn's supposed to be down this morning at 9 too, so he had to put the order away, which worked out well because I finished the stuff in the walk-in just in time for Michelle to agree that we were closed, allowing me to get to work on hot line. I believe we got clocked out for 3:30 too, so that's good. And further to the note I left the other night about Ange and Brooke switching shifts, Ange has been talked to about it, and as far as he is concerned, Earl doesn't mind it as long as the regular employee taking over for the manager knows what they're doing, *and* there's at least one other manager on the shift for obvious reasons. Finally (at least where work is concerned), some guy came in to talk to Earl about having been through the drive through a while back, and being served by a "heavy girl" (it had to be Karen). He was overcharged something like $50 (once again, that amount comes up), but somehow didn't notice it 'till he looked at his bank statement. Very interesting. Every time something like this happens I wonder even more if she's going to come back after her ankle or whatever she injured has had a chance to heal... I can't see it happening, but the 4-8 weeks should pass by quickly enough.

So now I have a day off, then my next one after that is Wednesday, then Saturday, which is the beginning of the five I have booked for going to London. After that, I work 8 - 2am on Thursday for some weird reason, and actually have (*gasp*) two nine - closes following that.

It's time I was getting to bed though. I'll at least post that picture tomorrow, although it's not quite as great as I was expecting it to be. It's still nice to have something of *me* with a tail, however~

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