Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

It's Still a Little Early, No?

Josh just called from work, to say something along the lines of them being "really boned for supper", and to ask if I could come in for six instead of 8. Said that I would for 7, in the sort of tone that indicated that 6 was way too early, and it is. I woke up an hour ago, and for reference, it's 3:30 right now. If I were to agree to come in for six, I'd have to leave for work in an hour and a half, and although I'm sure working a nine-hour shift would give me the ability to say "I'm going out to sit down" later on in the night without a fuss, that's still way too early to be starting work. I have to wonder why they called me as well though. He had to ask somebody else if 7 was alright with them, who I presume was Earl, and if it was, chances are he sent some of the would-be supper staff home because it wasn't busy, and only after that realized in might start picking up.

But I can always ask what's going on when I get there. I probably should've while Josh was on the phone, but he sort of sounded to be in a rush in the first place.

As for other things that have happened since earlier this morning, I was somehow able to sleep from ~6:30 to 2:30 without waking up at all, but it feels like it's starting to get warmer out again too, so although I hope it's not, that'll probably be the only time 'till Fall arrives ;_;

Played some more Starforce 2 before going to bed though, mainly just the stuff in the museum. The text that comes up when you inspect the dinosaurs in the corner caught my eye though:

This ancient tribe
of giants is called
the Saurian.

There are various
theories about how they
died out,but of those,
the meteorite collision
theory is the most
widely accepted.

This display is a re-
creation of a
magnificent battle
between a
Chomprealhardosaur and
a Neckistoolongadon.

Yeah :s Would it have been that difficult to even *try* to make up realistic sounding names? I think the Zerker / Ninja part is soon going to be explained though, and although it's just a hunch, I'd have to say the final battle of the game will take place on "Mu". Why? Because the foreshadowing is just *so* obvious. I'd actually play it for a bit right now, but for some reason, I have to will to unless I'm upstairs in bed.

Oh well. I started a new game on Banjo-Kazooie yesterday night, so maybe I can have Treasure Trove Cove finished before I have to leave for work~


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