Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

My, How the Day Flies By

Although to be fair about, I slept 'till 4, which really was nice because I don't think I got to sleep 'till 7 :s Let's just say I only have the final group of songs left in the guitar battle mode in Guitar Hero: On Tour. Oh, and I got up to where you have to fight Solo / "Rogue" in Starforce 2, but haven't gotten around to beating him yet. Something tells me though, that despite how useful it would be to wavechange like he does, you'll never be able to, and that *will* come back at some other point in the game. Or "Lady Vega" will do something to make him abandon their cause and turn to helping Geo. That seems unlikely at this point, however.

So as for work yesterday night, even despite starting at 7, the night literally flew by. It was sort of weird too because I had lots of energy at the beginning of my shift. So much that in a single hour, I was able to have both hot and cold line bagged, the fry dump cleaned, bertha bagged, mini cleaned, and more than likely something else I'm forgetting. But then later on, around midnight, I was tired to the point of literally feeling like I was going to fall asleep. Steve, Joe and I took turns sitting down though, and after I'd had a chance to go out to the dining room for ~10 minutes, I once again had more energy than I knew what to do with.

But then tonight, it was supposed to be Steve, Manoah, and me closing, but Manoah has to open tomorrow, so he got George to take his shift, which should still work out. Speaking of George, he wants me to beat a song for him in Guitar Hero II ("Crazy on You"), so provided he remembers to bring in his hard drive tonight, I *should* be able to do that for him. Unfortunately, it'll involve hooking the old TV up again, because the game is literally unplayable on the new one Adam bought however long ago it was.

Oh, and maybe if I remind myself in here, I'll actually remember it tonight: take a green scrubbing pad from work. I've been thinking for a while that using one of those would make dishes a lot easier to do here, but I always forget to until I'm filling up the sinks :s I'm sure they won't miss one of those either, because enough go to waste when we set them aside after cleaning the grill, or if they fall on the floor and get kicked underneath the dish sinks.

But anyways, I never did get to Banjo-Kazooie yesterday, so I'm going to try to now. That is, right after I run upstairs to take care of one other thing~

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