Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Back to the Heat Again...

It really isn't pleasant opening the door to my room, and feeling the even worse heat in the hallway. Although I see there's a chance of it raining tonight, so maybe that'll cool things down slightly.

I'm really not looking forward to work tonight either, for having to close with Ange, but Cindy's there 'till 11, and Joe until 1, so hopefully things go alright. Last night didn't go too badly, I suppose, but there was one thing I learned earlier in the night that I could not stop thinking about. Whenever I go in there when Brandon is working, or as soon as he sees me, rather, he says "Kitty!" then usually runs out to the dining room to pet my tail. I mentioned yesterday night though that I'd eventually be getting the ears to go with it too (which, unfortunately, seem like they won't be showing up before next week), followed by him telling me his girlfriend actually has a "full cat costume" that's like my tail, except brown. So is there another fur in this city that I don't know of, who owns a fursuit, or do they just have a cat costume, of the type that you'd only see around halloween? It's really weird, but I just *have* to know :s Especially if there's someone in this city that actually owns a full fursuit... I sent him an email though, from my Hotmail account, so hopefully he'll have read and replied to it by the time I get home from work.

Getting back onto the topic of work for a couple more things, Dan quit earlier this week. I think he was only there for ten shifts, at most, but apparently he up and decided that he was tired the other night (Friday, I think), and just went home. He did the same thing one other night before that too, but the reason there was that he thought the whole store was closed at 11. Because of that though, several shifts got switched around, including one of mine. That Thursday after I come back from London where I was originally supposed to work 8 - 2 is now a 7 - 12 shift. Oh well. I don't mind the starting an hour early, and being able to come home at midnight will certainly be worth it. Oh, and speaking of London, as soon as Mom gets back I need to ask if we still have any backpacks around anywhere. I do plan on bringing my laptop again if only for something to do on Sunday once I get there, and before the furmeet starts on Monday, but I don't want to have to lug it around in the other bag again. I won't need to stuff my tail into it this time either, because I plan on having the thing on from the time I get there 'till the time I leave~

But anyways, I have dishes to do tonight, and I did steal take a green scrubby from work last night, so hopefully it helps :3

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