Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

One Shift to Go~

Tonight was mostly alright, aside from Ange (I'll get to why in a bit), and some confusion with who was going to be closing the dining room. Originally Steve was going to put me on it to give me a break from line, but I actually wanted to be on line tonight, because I'd done several things related to it, and absolutely nothing for the dining room, and I didn't want to have to start all over again, so to speak. That went fairly well though, up 'till 12:30, when I started to get a headache and felt really tired :s I still have a bit of the headache right now, but I'm more awake, mainly from being at home in the dark, doing something I *want* to~

Anyways, as for Ange, if she has an attitude again tomorrow night, I might very well ask her what's going on. Just something like "I don't know what your problem is, but if it's something with one of the employees here, take it up with them. Otherwise, save your attitude 'till you leave." As I was carrying bertha to the back to rinse it out tonight, she made a comment about taking it all the way back to the mop sink, and how it was certainly a health and safety issue. I told her that's the way I did it any other night (rinse it out in the mop sink, then bring it up to the dish sink and rinse it out again with "clean" water), and went about my business. Later on, I heard her slam something down at the back, say "That's it", and walk out to the dining room to talk to Earl. Up until he left at 10, not another word was said about bertha, except for when I asked, him, and he just said that he'd talked to her about it. Fine. I'll admit that it might not be the most sanitary thing to rinse it off using water mixed with floor cleaner, but that's why I rinse it out in the dish sink as well, then put a garbage bag around it. Thus far, she's been the only one to complain about it too, so yeah.

Unfortunately, she's scheduled to be there 'till 11 tonight, but hopefully if worse comes to worse and I do say something to her, Steve, if nobody else, will back me up.

But otherwise today, I woke up at ~10:30, and ended up not getting back to sleep 'till 12, for reading something Cola sent to me in MSN / Pidgin, replying to that, and sending a message to Madius as well. Simply put, next week isn't the best of times for me to be heading up there again, but it should (hopefully) work out. Then after that, I slept 'till 3, then we went grocery shopping, where some random lady said to us (Mom and I) "I just have to ask. What's with the tail?" Mom told her that she'd have to ask me, and I simply said that it seemed like a fun thing to do, and she continued on her way after saying "Well good for you". To everybody that I don't know who says something about it: I'm not doing it for your approval. While I appreciate your thinking it's something to approve of, that's not going to change whether I do it or not. After that though, we came home, where I did random stuff 'till 6, at which point I left for work, and that's about it.

Starting at 7 instead of 8 sucks for one reason, that being that it gets warmer and warmer the earlier into the afternoon you go. Although the middle of July is almost here, so about half the summer is over with~

It's time I went to bed for another night though. Well, technically just upstairs to play Guitar Hero: On Tour and Pic Pic until I get tired enough to go to sleep, but I'll be doing so in my bed :3

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