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One Question for Cola

I'd have more to write, but it's already 5:30, so I'm just going to post this now and leave the rest 'till tomorrow. Anyways, the question:

I've been thinking some more about just taking the bus the entire way once I get to London, because I really don't think I'd want to walk that far in the heat again. I think I've figured out exactly what I'll have to do, but I wanted to ask you just to make sure. Here's what I figure I'd be doing:

[1] Walk from the train station to either Clarence or Wellington, and take it to Dundas.
[2] Find a bus stop, get on the bus (#2) when it arrives, and tell them I need a transfer.
[3] Get off at Adelaide, wait for bus 16, and take it up to Kipps.

Just in case it matters, I'm getting the bus numbers from here. I know you have your car, so you probably don't take the bus that much, if at all, but... *shrug* Perhaps you might know anyways. I can send a message to Madius to ask, because he might have a better idea, but I'll wait to see what you say first~

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