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One Question for Cola

I'd have more to write, but it's already 5:30, so I'm just going to post this now and leave the rest 'till tomorrow. Anyways, the question:

I've been thinking some more about just taking the bus the entire way once I get to London, because I really don't think I'd want to walk that far in the heat again. I think I've figured out exactly what I'll have to do, but I wanted to ask you just to make sure. Here's what I figure I'd be doing:

[1] Walk from the train station to either Clarence or Wellington, and take it to Dundas.
[2] Find a bus stop, get on the bus (#2) when it arrives, and tell them I need a transfer.
[3] Get off at Adelaide, wait for bus 16, and take it up to Kipps.

Just in case it matters, I'm getting the bus numbers from here. I know you have your car, so you probably don't take the bus that much, if at all, but... *shrug* Perhaps you might know anyways. I can send a message to Madius to ask, because he might have a better idea, but I'll wait to see what you say first~


Your right, I don't know.

But if you are going to walk up to Dundas, go to Dundas and Wellington which is roughly three blocks away and take the #1 northbound (Kipps Lane/Thompson Road), that goes right up to Kipps lane. No transfers are needed.

Other than that, have a good trip as I'll be off and away in Phoenix.
This is amazingly late now, but I've looked and looked again on Google Maps, and can see no (feasible) way to get from Dundas and Wellington all the way to Kipps on one bus :s

I did manage to figure things out though, and having to transfer makes me feel as if I actually know what I'm doing, so that works well enough ^^;