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Longest Entry Ever (Really)

It would've helped if I'd remembered that formatting my laptop and reinstalling Windows would erase *everything* on that partition, including the saved settings for Cola and Madius's wireless internet connection. The key I was given doesn't work either, but I have reason to believe it wasn't right in the first place, because back when Cola and I were still having that lengthly email conversation, he mentioned that the key for their connection was a 26 (I think) long random character string that he hated trying to remember, and the one I was given is just names. Erf. So anyways, see the below LJ-cuts for stuff that I would've written on that particular day had I been able to access the internet

On The Train Again~ // July 13th, 2:31pm

Y'know, I completely forgot it was Sunday today. I checked the mailbox several times this morning in hopes that my ears might've arrived at the last minute, then finally realized "Hey, it's Sunday. The mail doesn't get delivered today." And then I rather expected either Mom or Dad (or both of them) to be downstairs when I got up, but they were both nowhere to be seen, so I figured they were upstairs. Then I heard the van pull in the driveway around 11:30, and, once again, rembered it was Sunday, and thus they must've been at church.

But yeah. I've been up since 6 today. I played Pic Pic and clicked the StumbleUpon button in Firefox probably 30 or 40 times, but I still couldn't get back to sleep, so I just got dressed and went downstairs, and I'm rather regretting it now.

The weather compared to last time I went is, oh, more or less the same, so I'll definitely be taking the bus for as much as the route to the apartment as possible, but I have exactly $31.50 in change for it, so that'll help~ The backpack as opposed to laptop bag seems to be working somewhat better as well, but the straps needed to be tightened up. All the way to the train station it kept shifting up and down my back, and made things quite uncomfortable, especially on my shoulders.

As for yesterday, I spent pretty much the entire afternoon playing Banjo-Kazooie. Click Clock Wood is the only land left to do though, so I should have the game finished by Tuesday. I went to bed at ~1 in the morning, under the assumption that I'd get tired fast enough, and have plenty of rest for today, but due to anticipation and the heat, I woke up around 6 and wasn't able to get back to sleep afterwards ;_;

Work on Friday went quite well too, with the exeption of Ange, but she left at 8, so meh. I really, really wanted to tell Steve to keep her 'till 11 (when she was scheduled to be done), entirely for her always asking to go home early, but her leaving allowed us to bag line and such, so I won't complain. There was a note left on the board as well though, about how, due to us actually doing all our CHAMPS stuff for once, we'd be getting a reward. What would it be? The same thing I got at Heart and Stroke's Christmas party, except in a smaller amount. $10 movie certificates for everybody :s Now, I shouldn't be ungrateful, seeing as there's probably at least 30 employees there, at $10 a piece, but why couldn't the incentive be this pizza party Josh was talking about being able to get a while back? Then again, I suppose there are a couple staff there that would prefer the certificates over pizza *shrug* Oh, and what's more, they're going to be doing random checks now (as if they weren't before), and the first employee "caught" doing everything right gets a free meal of their choosing.

... this is fun. We've slowed down to almost a complete stop, but we're not even close to London. Still half an hour to go, if the time on my ticket is correct. Oh, and now we've completely stopped. There's some kid a couple seats ahead of me that keeps repeating that fact too. Ah, okay. If what said kid's Mom says is true, it's because the track merges up ahead, and if we were to keep going, we'd find ourselves in a collision with another train. Not her exact words, mind you :p And yesh. A train has since passed us, but we're not going anywhere :s

Ah, *now* we're moving again. I believe this'll be it in that case, because I'm tired anyways, and am typing way too much as a result~

Apparently It's Going to get me Into Trouble... // July 14th, 12:22am

We went to KFC for supper earlier tonight, and no sooner than we'd set out, Cupsy, I think was her name, looked behind me and said "Oh, you've got a tail!" Yes, I have, and if there's one place I think it'd be seen as a more "Meh" type thing, it's around other furries, but I guess not. Madius said something about how he didn't realize I still had it on, and that it probably wasn't the smartest thing. Umm... yes. If I can walk home with one at ~3 in the morning, or go to Dairy Queen and get yelled at twice because of it, I don't think much more is going to happen. Then again, I was... accosted by some random guy walking up Clarence St., who asked what it was, and the type too, and then told me some story about how he needed to get home, and was several dollars short. I gave him some money, purely because I wanted him out of my face (he was literally right up in front of me until I backed up a bit), and for the thought going through my head of "You've already touched my tail without asking, and I don't want to risk you doing anything else to it." I can't see minding it so much among other furries, or coworkers, for example, but random passers-by on the street is something I won't go for.

But yeah. Got to the apartment by bus fine, except for a slight hangup when I was waiting for the first one, and had almost decided to start walking again for not having seen it in about ten minutes, but I was early, and thus had to wait for some man and woman to unload stuff from their car and come unlock the door, then I came up here and sat down by the door to the actual apartment 'till Madius arrived.

And now I'm faced with a dilemna, of sorts. Where shall I sleep? I have the option of staying out here like I did last time I was up, but I could also sleep in Madius's room, or in Cola's, because apparently he / you said I could if I wanted. Erf. I think I'll probably just stay out here even though I already told Madius I'd use Cola's bed, because it feels significantly warmer in there than the rest of the apartment does, and I know if somebody were to be staying the night at my house while I wasn't there, I'd prefer them to not go in my room, and I'll trust that the feeling is mutual. Nothing against you, Cola, and I do appreciate the offer, but like you said in the post you made earlier this morning ("this" being the 13th, mind you), it's your private space, and you don't want anybody in there. Perhaps that applies to just the furmeet, but, well, better safe than sorry ^^;

Otherwise today, I've played some of Click Clock Wood in Banjo-Kazooie, and will probably finish that off before going to sleep, and I've also done the tiniest bit more of Megaman Starforce 2. That game is more or less at a standstill right now, but depending on how I feel later on, I may play it as well. It'd be nice to be able to get on the internet right now, because I still have two of Conceptis's new Link-a-Pix puzzles to finish, but meh. I suppose I can do those back at home~ We also went to Jumbo Video on the way back from KFC, to look for anything interesting, and I ended up buying a three DVD set of all the Garfield TV specials :3 We didn't actually find a movie to rent, but I don't really think we went in there expecting to anyways...

Madius made an interesting comment earlier about how I'm the only snow leopard he knows now too. Apparently someone that was before has decided to be a husky instead, which would have filled me with joy before, but now it's just "Meh". It's actually sort of nice, but frustrating at the same time. I used to care to, well, an extreme level before, and now enough time has passed or something that I don't even have the energy to get angry anymore. Slight irritation, maybe, but nothing even close to wanting to scream "Why?" at them ;_;

Lastly for now though, as early as it might be, I'm thinking about the next time I do something like this. I doubt it'll happen at all in August, exclusively for the heat, but September 14th to 16th might work... Possibly in October too, and *maybe* in November depending on what's happening for MFF (whether I'll be coming here followed by us all leaving together, or Cola and Madius coming to pick me up in Chatham), but that's still quite far off in the future, so I'll leave it at that for now.

Oh, and he's gone out once again. Up to 1104 to use their food processor. Very interesting :p Ah well. Time for Banjo-Kazooie, I guess~

It's No Different Here... // July 15th, 1:54am

The entire attendance of the furmeet went out to get ice cream earlier, yes? As we passed by Wendys on the way there, one of two girls that were just leaving it looked over towards us, and snorted, making the sort of sound one does when they try to laugh at something with their mouth full of water or whatever. Then I heard (or thought I heard, at any rate) her say "He's got a tail!" Being that I was the only one in the group that had one at that moment, I can only assume they were talking about me, and generally just... not care, I guess. Just before we got up to head back to the apartment though, one of the other guys there told me it must take alot of courage to wear it out in public, and how he's wanted to do the same, "But...", and never finished that sentence. It's sort of weird though. Before I went out with Noir that night a while back, one of the things that frustrated me about it was that I figured other furries must go out and about with their tails or ears or whatever all the time, and not really worry about what somebody else might think of them. Now I realize "I'm actually doing what other furries wish they could do", and feel happy because of it. I really can't explain why, but it makes me feel good to know that I can and will do something somebody else wants, but can't bring themselves to do, instead of being on the other end of it.

There is one unsettling irritation on my mind as well, however, so I'm just going to get it out of the way right now: as much as it is nice to be part of the furmeet whenever I'm here for several days, I don't really know "where I am" otherwise. There's obviously no formal furry group in Chatham (you could say there is one, but only from the "These are all the furries that live in this city" angle. And then there's also the coming here infrequently enough that remembering the important stuff about the other furs (name, for example) is sort of difficult. Cola and Madius are fine, because I think about them whenever the thought of coming up here crosses my mind, but not so much for anybody else. And then there's a sort of embarassing part of it too, wherein I see the other furs skritching each others' backs or heads or whatever / generally showing affection. I *want* to say something along the lines of "Somebody come do that to me", but I feel as if (and probably would) sound like an idiot if I did ;_;

Oh, and there was one other somewhat interesting thing that came up yesterday. On the way to KFC, I was asked by Cupsy (I hope I'm not spelling her name wrong) what my name was, so I told her, but apparently I have a different way of pronouncing it than everyone else. When I say the first syllable, it comes out sounding like "care". Everyone else just says "car", or "kar", I suppose, but meh. After a bit of thinking, I like it better their way anyways, so now it's just a matter of getting used to that ^^

And then I also feel sort of bad. I slept 'till 9 today, then woke up long enough to hear someone walk into the kitchen, pour a bowl of cereal, and walk back down the hallway, then I fell back asleep, and woke up again at 12, after having a really weird dream involving (with complete honesty) "emo penguin cops". I actually repeated that phrase to myself once I woke up, followed by "What the hell goes on in my head?", but didn't think much more of it. That particular combination of words is just... interesting though. Anyways, later on tonight after the furmeet ended, Madius mentioned that Bob and Deramin (once again, that's probably not how his name is spelled, but it's the closest I can figure at this point) had phoned him on his lunch break asking when I was going to come up. Erm... I wasn't aware I was supposed to go anywhere. I did head to Wendys around 1, and ran into one of them outside walking a dog, but other than that, I watched Ratatouille, played Banjo-Kazooie, and was checked up on to make sure everything was going alright, with no mention of being expected to be somewhere. But then he also mentioned that Strype is down in 105 (I think), sort of hinting to maybe go see what he's up to, but that's what I really can't picture doing.

Maybe it's shyness, or perhaps not wanting to be rude, but I cannot picture going to spend the afternoon at the apartment of someone I don't know. If it wouldn't end up being a bit late by then, I'd send a message to one of them on Livejournal to say sorry. But anyways, yeah. It never fails that any time I'm around someone unfamiliar, I clam up, and at the same time start wondering if I should say anything, or if I should be doing something other than playing video games, and other such things. Larger groups, are fine, because then everybody is usually occupied with something, but just being alone with you and someone else in the room can be terribly awkward :x

Since mentioning Strype remininded me of it though, I obviously saw Cooper tonight, and one of the things she said was "You and your last-minute changes", obviously in reference to taking so long to ask for my tail to be longer in that commission. By the time a good opportunity to ask "So that change isn't going to be a big problem, is it?", I let it slip by, but before she left, she asked if I'd be here tomorrow, but apparently having to be gone at ~6:10 won't work for whatever she wanted, which really has me curious now. She was drawing some sketch during the meet, but I only caught a good look at it once, and was just able to see that the fur had a large tail, but looked rather feminine too, and that's on top of already having that other sketch she did on my dresser at home *shrug* If I'm really lucky, I guess there might be an email waiting for me at home (maybe two, depending on how Chesh is doing), so we'll have to see. The "last-minute" part of what she said is interesting too, for implying that she would've been about to start coloring my commission, but as I've said before, it doesn't make sense for her to do that without confirming that I'm happy with everything first... Overanalyzation really can be a pesky thing at times :s

So yes. The train for Chatham leaves at exactly 6:51 tomorrow afternoon, so I've a bit of time to bide until then. Madius mentioned the possibility of meeting up downtown to have supper then him seeing me off at the train station, which would be cool, but I don't think I'll see him before he leaves for work (unless he wakes me up), so unless he's going to come back here followed by us going out, I don't know what's going to happen.

But it is now 4:30, and I'm getting tired again. This'll probably be it for these saved-up entries too, unless I write something on the train on the way home, but that all depends, as with most other future possibilties. 'Till then, it's time for bed~

On the Train Again (x2) // July 15th, 7:01pm

This is more or less the entry I would've made as normal upon getting home, but since I have about an hour here, and will probably be more concerned with other things back in Chatham, I shall take care of this now ^^

Today was, well, okay for the most part. I slept 'till 1, and did not leave the apartment for four hours after that :s I tidied up the couches, because they were still in a state of disarray from the furmeet, then played Starforce 2 and Pic Pic, and listened to two of George Carlin's comedy routines on my laptop, then the phone rang, and it was Madius, calling to say that he'd just gotten off work, and that I should probably get my things ready and meet him at the train station if we were going to eat before I left. I waited at the bus stop for half an hour for the thing to show up, then missed the bus I was supposed to transfer to after getting off the first one, but another came by that was going past Wellington as well, so I got on it. Had Subway for supper, walked to the train station again, sat for about ten minutes, and now I'm on the way home :3

I was thinking a bit last night too, and I'll probably end up taking back what I said about not going in August. The heat would still be a problem, yes, but it truly is nice to get away from home for a couple days and have to fend for myself, for the most part. Oh, and I was also going to go to KFC for lunch had I not woken up so late, so I still want to do that too ^^;

In all though, this time was fun even with Cola being away. I do have a couple regrets, of course, but I already went over those in my previous "entry" / LJ-cut.

As for the coming days now, I believe Noir and I still have plans to go out for another walk tomorrow. I'd planned on discussing the details with her yesterday night, but not being able to connect to the internet sort of restricts that. It's Tuesday as well, so I *might* ask to head to Taco Bell at home to get my pay stub, but I already work 7 - 12 on Thursday, so I can just as easily get it then, and get Mom's gas money in the same night. Well, I'm assuming I still am done at midnight. I'll just have to see when I get there.

Ooh, I almost forgot something. After I'd gotten off the second bus on my way to meet up with Madius, I walked up to the corner at an intersection and waited to be able to cross. Just before it changed though, some guy walked up from behind / to the right of me, and said "Ah, a snow leopard tail!" My response was "Yeah, that's right", and "Whatever then" as I started to cross the street, followed by him saying one more thing. "Don't worry - I know furries". Maybe it was "I know *about* furries", but one way or another, it was weird. In the four times I've been to the meet now, I've not seen him, and logic sort of dictates that if you know of something, you must at least take interest in it". There's a slim chance he was the guy squnq was talking about being banned from / kicked out of the meets when I went up with him, but I sort of doubt that.

And then some guy in the line at Subway said "If you don't mind me asking, did you make that, or buy it?". Told him that I bought it online, and he went on to say something about Anime North and cosplaying. It's fursuiting, please. I know a tail is nowhere close to being an actual fursuit, but it does fall into that category. And then some lady / girl standing in line behind me at VIA Rail whispered "It's a tail!" or something to that effect. Yes it is, and further to that, I think I've figured out a good way to explain it to whoever happens to ask now. First of all, ask them if they want the long answer, or the short answer. If they say "short", just tell them that it's fun, and because I want to, if necessary, but if they ask for the long one, tell them that it's because I'm a furry, and a furry is someone with an appreciation for humanoid animals. If they ask for more, I can then either tell them if I think they need to know, or just tell them that I'm not going to say anything else *shrug*

There was actually one other guy that was waiting for the bus as well, before taking off somewhere (I guess he got tired of waiting), that asked what was with it, and said that he thought I was going to a rave or something. Although if nothing else, it shows that they're much more likely to be curious than anything else. I can't recall exact numbers, but I've been asked why I had it at least fifteen times now, and been yelled at just once, so yeah.

Anyways though, as nice (and interesting) as these three days have been, being back at home is going to be nice too. But perhaps I'll have figured out when the next time I'll be going is by the end of the week. We shall see, and on that note, I'm going to save this, shut my laptop down, and play Pic Pic or something~

And now I'm back at home, obviously. I think I might find Mom too and see about going to KFC right now, because I really want some (more) popcorn chicken, and obviously to Taco Bell too, to say hi, and to pick up my pay stub. She just left to pick Dad up though, so I suppose for now I'll take the rest of my stuff upstairs and get everything set back up the way it was before I left :3


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