Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Of Course I'd Have Forgotten Something

As I said in one part of that entry I posted after getting home yesterday, I bought a set of all the Garfield TV specials while I was in London. I started watching them the same night, and there was one particular part of one that I just have to put in here. I had planned to rip it from the DVD myself then upload it to my 4shared or something, but that'd require too much work, with having to download it first, and I couldn't quite get it to rip properly either (the best I got had the audio sped up so it was out of sync with the video) :s The specific special it came from was a collection of Garfield's nine lives though, so don't be surprised that it isn't Garfield in the movie.


I gave Noir the link while we were talking earlier this afternoon, and to repeat what I said to her, you know what's coming right after the "and then I had to leave for college" type line. Thankfully, the first time I watched it was after Madius had already gone to bed, because I can't picture it having gone well for him to ask me why I had tears in my eyes ;_; And then the bit that came after it had a line with a scientist saying "Okay, Jack. Let's get specimen [insert number here] ready for dissection so we can see if anything's changed." First of all, the other guy's name wasn't Jack, but I can't remember it now, and of course, the specimen would happen to be a cat, which ended up escaping after they opened the cage, but I sort of decided then that I didn't feel like watching any more, and went back to Banjo-Kazooie, I think.

Also for randomly interesting things, Adam has proven that he doesn't know how to wash dishes yet again. He filled up the sinks, then went out to the dining room to take a shelf with several glass figurines on it off the wall because the screws were lose, then right upstairs, and I assume to bed, because I haven't seen him since...

Ah well. I might as well go into the kitchen and at least tidy up *my* stuff~

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