Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

First Night Back (Since Friday)

I know I'll definitely be asking them how things went when I see Michelle tonight too, because the only closers yesterday were her Joe, and George. They were pretty much caught up when I left, but as far as I know, neither George nor Joe have been taught how to take line down, and Michelle would've needed to be doing her paperwork and such... Ah well. But tonight is interesting, because I don't have to start 'till 9, then the same thing for tomorrow too. Not quite sure about Sunday, but then I have Monday off, work Tuesday to Thursday, have Friday and Saturday off as well, and I think the same thing for the week after that.

Speaking of which, a question for Noir. Do you have to work next weekend? I figure we may have been given those movie certificates by then, and it'd be nice to actually use them, instead of just giving them away like the other ones I've received in the past. And it'd be slightly different than just going to Tim Hortons before or after walking about wherever. Just an idea ^^;

Getting back to work, that random check thing has since been done, and George was the one who took the order, so I believe he got his free meal last night, but meh. There's one more annoying thing that came up involving those rules though. When I started at 7, there was half a pan of rice on line, and a full pan in the cabinet, but it wasn't until ~9:30 or so that I decided to tell George to suggestive sell cheesy beefy melts instead of the five taco deals to get rid of some of it. He did for one, maybe two orders, then Michelle came back in from having a smoke and told him to stop, because she didn't want to take any chances. Here's my line of reasoning: rice doesn't get sold at a terribly fast rate, so one way or the other, they're going to throw some out at the end of the night, which, in the end of things is going to wind up as a loss (no matter how small) for the company. Beef is fine, because it can be carried over, but not rice. Well, maybe rice can, actually, because I found something with StumbleUpon this morning about freezing it, then thawing in the fridge and microwaving when you were ready to serve it again. Unfortunately, I doubt they'd go for that, because someone would undoubtedly do it wrong, followed by a customer complaining about their rice being all crunchy, and then them deciding to just toss it out at the end of the night as normal.

And also, as long as you suggestive sell *something*, why should it matter? Now, I'd raise a fuss too if I heard someone say "Can I interest you in a 32oz Pepsi?", but yeah. Too many rules take all the fun out of it.

Otherwise today, I've not a whole lot to do. Played more Starforce 2 before going to bed this morning, and I'm up to Mu now, but the final parts of all the games are always annoying in some way or another, so it likely won't be 'till I get home from my shift tonight that I touch it again. I'd head into the kitchen and make some (more) french toast for supper, because I tried making it when I got home this morning and it turned out alright, but the dish I used for the "batter" is still dirty ;_; Maybe once I get home from work as well, provided I'm not too tired.

Anyways, yeah... Food sounds good right now, so I'm going to post this and see about making some~

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