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Karadur Inacu 

We Haven't Had Rain in a While~

At least as far as I know. Maybe there was some while I was gone in London, but meh either way. It lightened up outside too, but that's probably to be expected. It is sort of fun though, waking up and not really knowing what time it is because it's dark out, then going back to sleep for another ten minutes, at most, then being woken back up by a loud crash of thunder :3

But yes. Once again, I have until 8 tonight before I have to leave for work, where I'm pretty sure Manoah, George, Joe, and me are closing. Not bad, I suppose, but Manoah's already made it quite clear that he plans on having Steve put him on drive through, so I'll be pushing for George to be on line with me. Why not Joe? Well, click the link below:

He's becoming like that other Josh that worked there last summer (the one whose last name is "Thomas", I believe). For the most part, extremely bossy when there's no call for it, and not wanting to do anything that *he* doesn't want to. I know I can be the same for the latter at times, but to sort of demonstrate what he's doing, from what Michelle was telling me yesterday night, she asked him to clean and set the fry dump up again when they were closing on Thursday, and he responded with "Oh, I'm not doing that!", and something about his back hurting.

Furthermore on the same night, while I was still there, he was on front cash, and thus was to clean the dining room, but Michelle ended up sweeping for him, resulting in him coming back inside and more or less just standing in the middle and dropping fries, even though I told him I could handle that on my own. So if he happens to be on line with me tonight (it's sort of a tradeoff in that I'd rather have George up there with me, but I'd also prefer him to be running around getting bertha and pans bagged for line and such), and starts being bossy or whatever again, I plan on saying something, to him this time, and not just the other staff that are there.

Oh, and further in complaints, we had a new girl closing yesterday night, whose name was Christine, not that it's of any relevance to this story. For the entire night up 'till when we closed, she did fine, especially for being expected to stuff and expedite on her own when it was (I believe) only her first shift. After we'd closed though, something changed, and the only thing on her mind was to get out of there as soon as possible. The best part of it was from her having something locked in the safe when she started, presumably. I was standing in front of the bathroom door waiting for Michelle to grab her stuff so I could change, then Christine, who was standing next to me, turned and asked, in an annoyed tone of voice, if anybody else knew the number for the safe. Umm... literally, all the money that we've made for the entire day, plus four tills, each with $125 in them, *and* change is in there. I'm not saying we aren't trustworthy or anything, but how... oblivious do you have to be to think that we, as regular staff, would know the code. Seriously. But maybe she had a reason for needing to get home quickly or something. Assuming that was the case though, it wouldn't have hurt for her to at least have said that :s

I did make french toast once I got home though, and took two side of cups of the twist sugar from work, which were alright on it, but would definitely be better sprinkled over *after* buttering, cutting, and putting syrup on it. It might be good with cinnamon toast too, so maybe I'll try that tonight~ I would have french toast again, but it'll be two nights in a row now that I've had it as a getting-home-from-work snack / meal, and getting home at ~4 in the morning doesn't lend itself very nicely to that, especially when you try to be in bed by 6 or so. I really should compare last summer to this year's, in terms of what time I've been going to bed too, because I *know* there were at least ten mornings where I was up 'till 8, and one or two where I didn't get to sleep 'till noon. Interesting. And to think as well that it was about a year ago now that I had to tend to Sheila's dogs while they were on vacation. It doesn't feel like that much time has gone by, but apparently it has :p

Anyways, yeah. I'd play Starforce 2 now, but the thought of Mu is still annoying, but then I'd like to play Pic Pic as well, but my DS is upstairs in my room ;_; I did, however, find a fun game to play on my laptop several days ago. Mungyodance (yes, it's the same as the link I have over there (->), if you've seen it). It's more or less the same as Stepmania, just with different appearance (and judging difficulty, according to what I've read on line). The resounding theme seems to be "furry" too, which I have no problem with ^^ Not in all the songs, mind you, but still quite a few of them :3 Unfortunately, it seems impossible to add custom songs to the game, so I downloaded Stepmania last night, and transferred all the songs from the old computer's hard drive to my laptop (which took an hour in and of itself). I've yet to play any of them, but this afternoon seems like a good time to start~

Erf. Almost forgot something. As expected, Manoah was asking me last night about what I did when I went to London, except that he wanted *all* the details. Instead of trying to remember them there, I uploaded this. Obviously it's a copy of that entry I made upon getting home, except with all words and phrases that might help him trace it back to my LJ here taken out. He hasn't seen it yet though, because I told him I'd give him the link in MSN, and used the Pounce thing in Pidgin to send him a message if he came online while my status was still set to "Sleeping". Nothing had been sent by the time I woke up though, which means he'll probably ask about it again at work tonight :s

Enough of this though. I haven't played Stepmania in some time, so I might as well see how much practice I need to get back to what I was like before~

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