Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Last Close for a Single Day~

I actually start at 8 tonight too. I like having to be there for 9 better though, because by that time, the sun has usually started to go down, so it's cooler outside, and darker as well. The ideal conditions I'd like to walk to work (or anywhere for that matter) in would have to be where it's actually cold out, and just before sunset, so it's starting to get dark, but isn't actually night yet. Yes <3 But then I know the next four or five closes I work after Monday all start at 9, so that'll be nice :3

Yesterday night didn't go too badly, despite Joe being called in to work earlier in the day, when he was supposed to be closing. It wasn't extremely busy though, and George ended up steaming during the bar rush so I could get hot line taken down which helped as well. And speaking of him, sometime today he's supposed to be emailing me with a list of music he wants, because he's buying that PSP Adam wants to sell, due to Manoah not wanting it anymore or something *shrug*

So anyways today, I went to bed at ~6:30, woke up at 3, and I'm just sitting here now. It's actually slightly cooler upstairs than down today, but I don't want to start oversleeping now, because I've been going to bed at 6 for the rest of the summer, and I'm not about to start staying up 'till 8 or 9 again :s I do want to go to McDonalds some morning to get breakfast, which I suppose I could do Monday morning since I have that day off, but I already want to go to 7-11 on the way home, and I don't want to go to two places in the same 24 hours :x

But anyways, it's already 5, so this might as well be it for now. No, I don't have to leave for another two hours to be technical, but meh~

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