Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

At Least They're Having Fun With It

Of the other things that we discussed at work yesterday night, one of them was, well, furry stuff, really. Earl had gone home by that time, so it was just Josh and Manoah asking the questions. Things like what I did when I went to London, what it is that I like about furries in general, and so on. And there was alot of laughing going on too, but some of it *was* coming from me, and I know they weren't trying to be mean, so meh. Josh made it quite clear that if I like it, that he's not going to do anything to stop me, but that comment was quickly followed about them getting me a giant ball of string, then he couldn't talk for about a minute because he was laughing so hard. Ah well. I refer you back to the title~

But then neither he nor Manoah were able to wrap their minds around why all the tails I have except that giant one are of the snow leopard variety, but I explained that to Manoah when I got home, so maybe he'll tell Josh, maybe not. But on the topic of coming home, Manoah had asked me earlier in the night if I'd eventually bring my footpaws in to work, and I said no, because they're the indoor type to begin with, and the floor at work is far too dirty and greasy for that. I did however mention that if he wanted, I'd get a ride home from Josh and he could come in for a minute to see both those and my giant tail, so he did, and, well, thought it was quite something, I guess :3

So as for tonight, I don't have to work, and I want to go to KFC again to get more popcorn chicken, but we'll have to see about that. Apparently there's a large pile of dishes in the sink to be done too, but Mom said she'd help with those, so meh. In all fairness, I'd rather be in London for the furmeet tonight, but oh well. They are going to see that Batman movie though, and there was one weird question I had about it. Somebody ordered pizza last night, and the coupons that they got were still on the counter when I came home from work. The one I read said something like "You got a large pizza cloaked crust to crust in pepperoni". What's with the use of "You got"? There has to be a reason for it, because it sounds really strange.

Anyways, dishes have to be done now, so this'll have to be it. There was probably at least one other thing I was going to write about, but if I remember anything, I'll have to get to it later tonight~

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