Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Tonight Should be Rather Interesting

Our new promotion started yesterday, for Mexican Pizzas. I don't exactly like making the things, but the reasons for that are all easily solved, by keeping the shells and sauce on line, instead of in the cabinet, and making sure the bean doesn't get too dry. Apparently customers can add chicken or steak to them as well, for a dollar, but I can see most of them ordering the pizza as is. And as Steve pointed out when we learned we'd be promoting them, our Mennonite customers will be ordering them in droves.

And tonight is interesting for another reason. From the look of things outside, it's a standard night, yes? It's starting to get dark now, but otherwise the sky is blue, and nothing is out of the ordinary. However, I can hear so much thunder that you'd think a storm was coming, and there's both a warning and a watch for one on The Weather Network's site, but the sky is clear, and thus far, I've not seen any rain. I'd say it might be a better idea to get a ride to work from Mom, because although I don't care about my clothes getting wet (they can be hung up in the bathroom to dry), I'd prefer my tail to stay dry. Ah well. I'll have to see what it actually feels like outside, and go from there.

Finally, there's one bad thing about the things I've been eating as of late (french toast, those omelets made in bags, and five minute cake). They all require eggs. In fact, Mom just told Adam and I that she's going to Food Basics to get bread and eggs :s Perhaps I'll have to start buying them a carton at a time as needed, because I don't want to keep using most of ours up ;_;

Anyways though, it's 8, so I need to post this then go see if it feels like it's going to rain~

Edit: Oh sure. Just as I get up and walk to the front door, it starts to rain. Guess I'm waiting for Mom to get back now...

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