Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

The Weather is so Strange Now

As I said yesterday, just as I got up to leave for work, it started to rain, quite hard. By the time we left though, the sidewalks and roads were dry, leaving the leaves on all the trees being the only thing left to show that it had rained. And it was considerably cool, too, so I took a way home that I haven't in a while (McNaughton out to Bloomfield, to Keil, then to Richmond, Lacroix, and home from there), and actually covered myself with that leopard-print comforter I bought a while back, because the thin sheet I've been using for the rest of the summer wasn't quite cutting it. As much as I may prefer the cold any other time, I do like to be cozy and warm while I'm sleeping <3

And then today, I woke up to the sound of rain falling outside, but by the time I actually got out of bed, it had stopped. To get slightly off-topic for a moment as well, I had a cool dream before waking up where I was wearing an actual t-shirt made out of snow leopard fur. Sort of the same fur as at least four of the tails I've got now have, but with the spots spread out more. I'd actually ask SPark about commissioning such a thing, but that's what a bodysuit is for, whenever I get around to asking for one of those (more than likely after I commission a head, at any rate). It was cool though :3

Anyways, I came downstairs around 4, and from what I saw, it was just overcast outside. Half an hour or so later, however, rain started coming down, stopped after about five minutes, started again another ten minutes after that, and now the sky is perfectly blue and sunny. Weird~ But that means the walk to work tonight should go alright. Work itself probably won't, because I'm closing with Steve and Cindy, but we'll see.

As for work last night, it was terribly annoying before I even got there. I could've been sure I was supposed to start at 9, but apparently it was 8. Both of the times I said sorry to Michelle though, she just said it was no problem, which was kind of unusual, but meh. The pizzas don't seem to be that popular either (at least not yet), but they're easy to make, so that's fine.

About half an hour after I got there though, George asked me what this furry thing I was into was, because Josh and Manoah had been talking about it last night. So I explained what it was (the overall appreciation for humanoid animals thing (I really don't like the word "humanoid", but they wouldn't understand "anthropomorphic")), and asked him what they had been saying. Josh still thinks it's weird, but Manoah finds it interesting, which is cool. And if he was being honest with what he said on Sunday night, one of these times I head up to London, he's going to come to the furmeet with me, but otherwise stay at Josh's place. I do like that thought ^^

It'd work out well too, because the going by the past two times I've attended it, I took the train to London on Sunday, then had the rest of the afternoon to do whatever I felt like. So if Manoah were to come, we could both head up on Sunday, head over to wherever Josh lives, where I could say hi, drop him off, and explain that I'd be back at such and time on Monday to pick him up again. He'd probably be on his own in terms of getting back to the train station, unless he left the same day I did, but yeah. I'd like to see that happen, so I'll have to talk to him about it next time we're on a close together.

With that though, I should probably look on Google Maps to figure out exactly where Josh will be living, because even if Manoah doesn't come with me, Josh still wants me to visit sometime, so I'll at least need to know that~

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