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Mom is Absolutely Amazing

Stayed upstairs 'till 4:30 this afternoon, because I figured she'd realize I wasn't going grocery shopping, and would just take Naomi or something. Sure enough, when I came down here, the van was nowhere to be found, but I had just enough time to go into the kitchen and open up an envelope from the bank addressed to me, when I heard it pull back into the driveway. The envelope contained another one of those Visa payment things, but there was no amount indicated on it, probably because I haven't used, and can't even remember where I hid the thing (it's in my room somewhere), so meh.

Anyways, in walk Adam and Mom, Adam holding a cup and bag from Taco Bell, so I can only assume he just went to get food. Oh, and he also bought Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, so that'll give me something new to play when I get home tonight ^^ As for Mom, she walked into the kitchen and asked me "Are you coming grocery shopping?" Told her, in an annoyed tone of voice, that I thought I couldn't, then she said "Well, you have your skinny tail on, and I guess I can bear with that." Skinny, in this case, being the one from Obliviousally, so perhaps it was only last week, when I wore my airbrushed one out... Speaking of it though, I think there might be something wrong with it. The belt loops are pulled right up out of the tail, so to sort of illustrate, it's nice and rounded at both ends, but at one, there are two extra pieces of fur sticking out to which the belt loops are attached. It went with me to London and back, and to work one night after that, so I can only assume it's not actually damaged, but I still don't like it :x

But otherwise today, well, not much yet. We're heading out in ten minutes to get groceries, after which I'll have a couple hours to play Guitar Hero and / or whatever else. That'll be followed by leaving for work at 8, then getting home around 4 or 4:30, and likely going back to whatever I was doing before I left. Oh, with french toast too, because I still plan on making that :3

Anyways, yeah. I believe that'll be it 'till later on tonight / tomorrow morning~