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Karadur Inacu 

I Don't Know Why I'm Bored...

At this very moment I could play either StepMania or Mungyodance some more, take my DS out my my pocket and play Pic Pic or Starforce 2, start into the new Link-A-Pix puzzles for this week on Conceptis's website, or head back into the dining room and play Guitar Hero some more. I don't want to do that yet though, because I've already played it today. Started Career Mode on Expert yesterday, as might be expected, and I've already beaten ten of the songs, with 5-star ratings on each. Not 5 *gold* stars, mind you, but yeah. The very first song was interesting too, because I unlocked three achievements after beating it :3

As for my other options, I'll probably go back to Mungyodance after I finish writing this. I'm not sure how many unlockable songs there are, but for every two or so I play, a new title appears under the "Newest Song" heading, so yeah ^^ Oh, and there are some screenshots here, if you've nothing better to do with your time~

So... I ended up sleeping in 'till 4:30 today. Ten hours of sleep is nice, especially considering what I was getting before it cooled off a bit. But while I was asleep, I had several dreams, and can only remember one thing from one of them, and that's only because I wrote it down in Notepad. It was "Firefox fans don for a night on the red and white", which was something that, in the dream, I read either in a paper or in a news article on some website. I can't remember which now, but I know it was the title / headline for something. And it was directly influenced by having read my friends page before going back to sleep and seeing Cola's (double) post about another golf fursuiting thing (speaking of which, I think you mean "caveat" instead of "caviant" :s), because the "Firefox fans" were actually furries, but whoever wrote the headline didn't know what furries were, and just went with the closest thing they could find that fit. So that would explain the "don" part (putting the fursuit(s) on), but I'm not as sure about the red and white. Possibly something about the color of the fur on them or something, because that's the strongest connection to my mind at the moment. Interesting at any rate.

Work last night went remarkably well too, despite two annoying things before I'd even clocked in. First of all, I got there at ~8:20 or so. Ange was standing at front cash, so I asked her what time it was. She told me, and asked if I would start early. Told her no, because it didn't look overly busy, and I wanted a bit of time to sit in the dining room to cool off before anything. George showed up around 8:40, and she asked him the same thing. He agreed to start working though, and set about getting pans bagged for line, but not before walking down to drive through to get a drink. On his way back to the middle, Ange asked him to take the cardboard and garbage out, and he said "I'm never going to get these pans bagged" or something like that. He didn't sound annoyed, but if I had to guess, said it to show that he had something else to do first. He walked to the back though, and under her breath said "Why don't you shut up and do what I tell you to?" Just... no.

As for the rest of the night though, George got quite a bit of practice with steaming, because he said he wanted to try it, so I ended up just about going out of my mind getting pans bagged for line, taking front cash, steaming for him when the orders started to get backed up, and generally just having lots of the wrong type of fun. All the while, Michelle was at the back washing dishes, and Josh T. (he and Eric switched shifts or something) was down in drive through. And then once the orders finally stopped and line was clean, I went back to rotate the stuff in the walk in, and the freezer, and the nacho cheese, which was fun too because of all the lifting involved, then just as I came out of the walk-in, I noticed it was 11, so I locked the dining room doors (it had been open with all the lights on up 'till that point, when we usually try to dim the lights around 10), and well, yeah. That was followed by doing sour cream, panning up some nachos, frying and bagging twists, red strips, and salad shells (all of which George helped me with), and sauces, then taking hot and cold line down, followed by putting all of the order away because it showed up at 2:30, finished off by taking the rest of hot line down, and doing the end-of-the-night cleaning. So it was a very busy night in terms of stuff that had to be done, but aside from refilling the pop rack(s), all the prep was done for the openers. And we didn't do that anyways, for not realizing it needed to be done until the end of the night. Michelle wrote a note on the board explaining that though, and signed it "Mama Squirrel", because there are a couple baby squirrels in the shed now, in an unused toilet paper holder, and the mama squirrel (presumably) was in there when she showed us them yesterday night. Yesh.

But now I have two days off. I'd go to 7-11, but I feel as if I've had enough to eat for today, and we just got groceries yesterday anyways, so there should be plenty of stuff in the fridge to make a snack with later.

I'm going to Mungyodance for now though, so this'll be it 'till tomorrow unless I think of something else I meant to write about later tonight~

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