Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Hopefully my Last Entry Centered around the Wii

Until I get one, that is. I got to reading someone's entry in my friends page earlier today, and saw that other people were having frustrations getting a Wii as well. Then, someone came by and said that EB Games and other such stores were supposed to be getting new shipments on Tuesday or something, and that "Nintendo is here to help", or something to that effect. I'm probably going to stay up for another hour at best, then go to bed, so I can be up for 10 in the morning. Then, I'm going to call EB Games and ask them if they got any more shipments. If the answer's yes, then it'll just be a matter of trying to get up there quick. If it's no though, I still plan on asking them if it's possible at this stage to still put money down on one, so I can have it set aside when more arrive. I don't see why they would say no, but it can't hurt to ask. If things go as I have a feeling they will though, I'll probably head up to Heart and Stroke for a couple hours, just to help the afternoon speed by.

Hell though. I should at least be looking into getting Twilight Princess for the Gamecube. That's really what I want to play at this stage in the game.

Anyways, Accepted was pretty good. Nothing amazingly funny or touching, but still worth the download. Amazingly enough as well, this is one of the first movies I've downloaded in a while that hasn't been in .mdf and .mds format. Those ones are a pain in the ass, because I'd like to add them to my collection, but all the software to convert them to a single movie file is shareware, with severe limitations on the trial version, as well as the fact that I could very well just make separate folders for each movie, but in that format, they're usually 4GB each - DVD rips, and I don't have that kind of storage space.

For now though, I think I'm just going to call it a night and go upstairs as well. I brought down all my games in a moment of "Hey. Since I'm not getting a Wii today, I'll play some of these to pass the time" stupidity, so it's going to take one trip alone to get those upstairs.

It's really funny though. Before the Wii was released, my days off seemed way too short. Now that it's released, and I'm not yet able to get one, they seem to crawl by sooo slooowlyyyy... Before long though, things will be right back to normal, and then I'll wonder where all my time off went :s

So yeah. For now, I'm going to bed. Maybe I'll write something tomorrow, and if I do, it won't be centered around the Wii.

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