Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Yay for Improper Terminology

I just walked into the kitchen to pour a glass of water, and Mom was in there as well. First she said she had to fill the pitcher, then also something about how she watched Happy Days today, and there was some "Leopard Lodge" where all the men had tails, and it was they were the first ones besides me that she saw "wearing a furry". That is an exact quote too ;_; I really want to be annoyed at how it just had to be "Leopard Lodge", but I suppose that animal was used for the sake of alliteration. Yay again for even more species sensitivity~

And then sometime tonight I have to phone Taco Bell to check what time I work on Sunday. I *think* it's 9, but that's the same thing I thought for Tuesday, and I was wrong about that, so yeah :s It'd probably be best to wait 'till 11 or so though, seeing as that way the dining room will be closed, and whoever's cleaning it can run back to check the schedule.

Anyways, yeah. Hopefully that'll be it again, but I'm not making any guarantees ^^;

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