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Two and a Half Hours

Apparently I don't have to be to work 'till 9 tonight, so yay :3 Although I do believe the other two closers are Josh and Manoah, so I wouldn't be surprised if I get asked more furry-related questions, or just get random things said to me about it. Last time I went in there, Josh told me I should've worn "the purple tail", but nobody else seemed to notice or care about that, so meh.

But today has been more or less normal, I guess. Slept 'till 4, and I've been down here in the living room since. Sleeping was interesting though, because I had a dream where somebody was showing me a pizza they bought, and I put it down on a blanket which was on my bed, for whatever reason. Since I was in bed though, I, of course, tried to pull the sheet up over my body, thus losing the pizza, because to get it back, the sheet had to be in the exact same position it was when I put it down. Yeah. I finally figured that they might want it back, but I couldn't figure out which way the sheet had been positioned originally, and actually woke up (at least partly), sat up in bed, and messed around with the sheet that's on there now. But then I had to go to the bathroom or something, and by the time I laid back down and fell asleep again, things were back to normal :s

And then from about 5:00 on, aside from eating supper, I've been reading this. At first, I thought that one page was all of it, but it actually goes on for quite some time. That may or may not be a good thing depending on your point of view, but I found it rather interesting. Suffice it to say though, if I found myself in that sort of a... "predicament", I'd have gone to *somebody* about it within the first couple days :x

But yeah. Starting today (or night, if you prefer), I work either 8 or 9 - closes 'till Thursday night, and have Friday and Saturday off as I just did. They've changed it around for next week, in that I believe I close on Friday and Saturday, but have three days off (one before, two after, or possibly the other way around). Why? It hasn't specifically been mentioned, but it probably has something to do with us not being as busy as expected this summer, but also, as Michelle was telling me, they're trying to cut labor costs again, because if he can get it / them below a certain amount, Earl will be getting a bonus. Erf. Hopefully it doesn't get busier in August though, because it'd be nice to book five days off for going to London again without having to feel bad about taking so much time off.

That supper has gone right through me though (yay for unnecessary details), and there are a couple songs I want to put on my PSP before I leave for work, so it's time to take care of those~

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