Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Now I'll Get Horribly Sick...

Adam and I both had to sign a letter Mom wrote yesterday detailing that since we both have full time jobs, and thus are financially independent (although she wrote "financilly", which was amusing), we'd like to be taken off our family drug plan thing. I can't recall the last time I needed some sort of medicine outside of a Tylenol or something for a cold, but yeah. Now counting the days until I get some sort of non-nearly-as-common illness that requires a prescription :s

So... yesterday. Was bad, for the most part (for reasons including but not limited to the above), and although I could've written something in here, it would've been friends-only, and it'd end up being one of those posts I never want to look at again :x Suffice it to say, I was browsing customize.org before I went to bed Monday morning, and saw a screenshot titled "GAIA.Sea Lion" or something to that effect. My first thoughts were "those words seem so familiar, but are calming at the same time". Then I clicked the picture to view the actual page for it, to see if there was anything in the screenshot I could use (visual style, namely). As it turns out, it was a Mac screenshot, so while it would be wrong to call it a visual style, I can't think of what the proper name would be for it otherwise. Anyways though, it was listed as "Gaia Snow Leo", but I decided to click the link leading to the uploader's DeviantArt page anyways, where they changed the wording a bit: "Gaia Snow for Leo". At that point, my thoughts were more "That can't just be a coincidence" and "Love you" (with complete seriousness), because I've been reading more stuff in the Comedy Goldmine section over at SomethingAwful, and have gotten rather used to their word filters for profanity.

But anyways, in sum, I'm rather annoyed with the fact that I still get irritated about that sort of thing. I know it's wrong, but it just won't go away or stop. Now, there are times when I could care less about it, but they're only when something good has happened or occurred that directly affects me, and the most regular thing at this point that fits into that category would be heading up to London.

Oh, but also, on Sunday night, George gave me a list. A list of bands whose music he wants me to download to put on his PSP. Problem #1 is that his list is large. At *least* twenty bands. So I figured I'd just download all of their most recent albums, and reencode them to a lower bitrate if they still went over 2GB. Problem #2 is that none of the torrents will download. Two days on, and the ones I found with Google still haven't gone anywhere, so I tried going to Demonoid, but they're not working either. So if nothing by the end of the week, he just might be out of luck :\

On the good side of things though, I received a reply from Chesh this morning about my ears, saying that she was cutting the patterns out of the fur as we "spoke". So maybe if I'm lucky they'll be going out next week or something. We get our pay stubs tonight as well, although I probably won't be getting quite as much as I did two Thursdays ago, because of those five days off I had :s

At any rate, this is going to have to be done for right now, because I'm reading this, and it's quite interesting. I hope it doesn't just turn out to be something somebody made up, but I've quite a few pages to read before I find that out...

(and to Deramin: I will add you to my MSN eventually, but it probably won't be 'till I get home from work tonight or so. Sorry ^^;)

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