Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Something is Wrong with my Laptop

Those torrents for George still hadn't gone anywhere when I woke up, so after a bit of waiting for it to be free / available, I tried running that bittorrent manipulation test again. Both times, it said that either it timed out, or the applet wasn't loaded quickly enough. Then I got to thinking about something else. Back at the beginning of the week, Avast popped up a message to inform me that an update was available, so I clicked it, and assumed it would download the necessary files from there. Several days later, and it keeps popping up, but every time I try to update it, I get a message along the lines of the update server not being reachable. So I looked on the website for a way to manually download the update files, and the only thing I could find said it was already updated when I tried using it with the program. Meanwhile, I can access the internet fine and everything.

On a hunch, I tried installing uTorrent on the other computer in the dining room, and I can only assume it's merrily downloading away right now (it had connected to a couple peers before I came back in here, but no seeders), so yeah. Thus, I've tried uninstalling Sygate, but it requires a reboot to completely remove, and I'll get to that when I'm done with this.

So as for the rest of today, I work at 9, with Joe and Steve, and Joe had better hope he doesn't start getting bossy, because I will either ask or tell him to stop if he does. Then after work, assuming it doesn't start raining or anything, I have a somewhat new way to take home, which is walking up St. Clair to Oxley, taking it all the way to Baldoon, and heading home as normal from there (probably walking all the way across the empty parking lots at the Thames Lea Plaza). And then I'll probably have french toast at home too, because I was going to tomorrow night, considering that's the last shift I work this week, but then I figured I'd be getting home around ~4:30 in the morning, and that'd only leave me an hour and a half to make it, eat, and do whatever else I feel like doing before going to bed.

As for yesterday night, it started off busy. So busy, in fact, that before I'd gone to the back to change into my uniform, I heard them advising customers in the dining room that it'd be a ten to fifteen minute wait for their food because Steve was the only one on line. As well, right after walking back up to front cash after changing, a guy standing there asked for the manager, because he wanted his money back. Although he was more apologetic about, so perhaps he realized it was a bit of a nuisance. Ah well. Oh, and Karen is back. Sort of caught me by surprise because I was expecting to see Michelle there, but whatever, I guess.

Upon getting home though, I read the rest of that "I received a ciphertext on AIM today" thread, and was quite amazed at the fact that I'd just spent ~7 hours reading through 94 pages of posts to find out that it was made up ;_; It's still very well done, but it really would be something if it were real...

Finally (because I still have to reboot), I received two emails this morning. Nothing from Chesh, unfortunately, but I now know one of the items I paid for last week has been shipped out. I assume that snow leopard has been as well, but chances are I won't be seeing it 'till next week at earliest. And then before I went to bed, I sent Manoah another song ("Welcome to The Black Parade"), and also asked him if he was serious about coming to the furmeet sometime with me. I also asked him to reply back towards that, and to confirm that he read the rest of the other email I sent him (apparently he made it partway through that text file, but never got to the rest of the actual email), but he hasn't yet, so chances are I'll just have to ask him about it at work tomorrow night.

Anyways, it's time to restart my laptop, and check that torrent on the other computer. If I'm really lucky, it might've finished by now~

Edit: Yeah, it definitely was Sygate. Although now Avast needs to reboot as well. Yay :s

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