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Same to you, buddy!

Wow. People at EB Games are so rude lately. I was just contemplating phoning them to see if they had Contact, and how much it cost, but after reading some reviews of it, it seems I wouldn't really like the game. So I asked about Final Fantasy III instead. "Yes we do. In fact we've got alot of copies of it, okay? Bye." I didn't so much as get the chance to ask how much it was going for. Screw that. I also phoned around 10 this morning, to ask about a certain item, and they don't have any yet. I figure, why wait the week. I'm just going to call them every morning now, and just ask "Do you have any in?" Calling every week or so leaves way too many gaps where they may in fact recieve what I'm after. I'm getting one before Christmas. It makes sense to think that Nintendo will be shipping out quite a few, in order for there to be plenty available for that season, so it's just a matter of calling at the right time.

The really fun thing is that when I called earlier this morning, all that was said was "No. Bye." Sure, I called them just as soon as they'd opened, but WTF? You're there for at least an hour earlier, getting things ready, so what's the big deal with people phoning you right then?

*sigh* I don't know right now. I think I'll hop up to the bank later on, and withdraw $40 or something, so I can head to 7-11 and get pizza for supper. I really want to buy something right now, but of course, that's just because you-know-what is out, and I haven't and can't get one yet. I really should consider getting new speakers for this computer though, but then again, December is a month away. During that month, we'll be getting the money from our Grandpa (or so we're being told), and depending on how things go, I may end up getting a new computer completely. Save for the monitor and stuff, of course, because it's still fairly new, and I'll also have to figure out some way to bring the Storage hard drive over, but that shouldn't be too difficult. What would be really sweet to do is get a large (somewhere in the 500GB range) external hard drive, and use that as storage. Simply mirror everything I've got on my Storage drive right now to it, then format it, and use that one as the primary drive or something. Either that, or just leave it as is. The only reason I like the idea of an external drive is because I really want to get a laptop. Like I said before, just clear everything off the table at the head of my bed, and plug it in there. I'd have to buy a power bar because my alarm clock, DS Lite power pack, and other such things already plug into the sockets at the head of my bed. See, here's what things look like right now:

Woo for blocky mspaint drawings :x Anyways, the green and brownish things are my bed and table respectively. The black double lines are doors. The top-left one is the entrance to my room, the bottom-left goes into my closet, and the right-middle one goes into my Dad's room (no when I say I have no privacy, you can see what I mean :\). The little orange things are plugs. Currently, the top-left one has the power cord for my regular DS plugged into it, as well as my PSP's cord. Naomi still has my DS (as well as my SP, I found out yesterday), so I can't put it to very much use. The one on the top-right has my alarm clock and DS Lite power cord plugged in. Before it was my alarm clock and my radio, but I hardly use my radio anyways right now (I find it much easier to sleep without it on). As for the bottom-left one, my fan's plugged into it. Yes, even when it's as cold as is outside, I still can't get to sleep without a fan on. So now you can see my predicament. A power bar would solve all those problems neatly, but I want to wait until I have something I need it for before I actually go out and buy one. Hell, I'm making these plans based on the assumption that I'm going to be here for several more years anyways, and that could go to hell at any time. Not that I'm saying it's going to, but there's a possibility.

Taco Bell called once again, this time with the explicit message that "If I wanted to work today, I should call them back." Oh, how I do love loopholes :) By not calling them back, I'm effectively saying "No. Piss off!". I can already predict what's going to happen on Thursday. I'll go in, and someone will be standing there that was trying to call me in on the previous days. I'll get asked why I never returned their calls, and I'll tell them I wanted my days off. If it's Josh, I can guarantee he'll pull out the "We're just trying to get you more hours since you don't have alot" line. Okay. I can appreciate the thought, but as I said before, it's extremely annoying to be asked to work on a day off. Calling me on a day I work, just to ask if I want to come in early? Depending on what I'm doing, I'll either say no or yes.

So anyways, I don't know what I'm going to do today. I don't know why I'm letting the lack of having a particular item weigh so heavily on me either. There are tons of people out there besides me that desperately want, and can't get one, and I'm sure they're doing their best to live their lives normally. Hell. It's just a gaming system anyways. Heh. If only it were that simple.

So for now, I think I might as well head up to the bank on foot, because Mom just went to drop Dad off at work, and she said she's going to Curves afterwards, so it could very well be too late to get a ride there by the time she gets back. I obviously didn't go volunteering today, but I'm definitely going tomorrow. Life goes on, even if certain things aren't working out the way I want them to...

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