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August is Going to Last Forever ;_;

Popular belief at work right now is that, because it's getting increasingly busier compared to what it was like at the beginning of the week, we're finally getting our "summer rush". Effectively, where it's ridiculously busy most / all of the time instead of just on paydays and such. There were nonstop orders for two hours after I got there tonight, and although it slowed down between 11 and 12, I still only had the chance to lean back against mini and relax after every second or third order. We were out of there by 2:30, which isn't / wasn't bad, but that's another story in itself.

[1]Dear Christine: while I appreciate you coming in to close with us because of that funeral Joe has to attend in the morning, you need to not get so rushed and in a hurry to go home once we've closed. I wanted to go home too, and I'm sure Steve did as well, but snapping at us because we're not doing things quickly enough for your liking is something I won't tolerate. Oh, what's that? You want to mop? Well, it's good to see you're ready to do that without being told, but there are several things that need to be done before that. Just to name a few, you have to make sure drive through is stocked up and cleaned (including the garbage and bucket of water), get the garbage and cardboard ready to be taken out (I could tell you to take it out as well, but I don't expect you to unless you actually want to do that), make sure all the dishes have been washed, then drain and clean the sinks, and thoroughly sweep the floor too. Just because you swept earlier doesn't mean it's still as clean as it was then.

But then again, maybe I'm being a bit hasty. Surely I should let you do things as you see fit, and close the store that way? Just so long as you don't mind me leaving a note for the openers to say that the store isn't clean because you wanted to get out of there so quickly.

Yeah. All I ended up actually saying to her was something along the lines of "It's not like Steve and I don't want to get out of here and go home too", and just got a "Well..." in return. Once she went back to empty the mop bucket, I told him quite seriously "Let her go home" and he did. After she left, nachos got panned, several more dishes were washed, and the floor was swept, because it was dirty. It didn't get mopped again, but I thought that unnecessary because it was still wet while I was sweeping it. And to top it all off, I very much doubt the dishes were clean either. Several of the nacho and tostada / pizza shell trays had dates left on them, as did at least one of the pans that was used for nacho cheese.

[2] I can't remember if I mentioned this before, but presently, Shawn, Sheila, and possibly some of the other managers want us to have carryover for all the items we are to carry over (yay redundancy). So beef, chicken, steak, spicy chicken, nacho cheese, chili, bean, and all the cold stuff (lettuce, cheese, and such). Why? Because that proves beyond any small sliver of doubt that we did not run out of food. If I had to guess, I'd say they've been getting too many complaints that we didn't have [x] "last night". My opinion is simply "No". The prep guide for each and every day states that, past 8 or 9 (I can't remember) at night, we drop food "as needed". Not "as needed plus enough to prove you didn't run out". But I mentioned the idea to Steve as a joke tonight, although if they start fussing about it again (and by "fussing", I mean notes getting left on the board / in the managers' log), I am going to start carrying *everything* over. Well, not "start". I'd probably do it once or twice, just to make a point, but not all the time. Sheila actually stopped in tonight to check up on us (meaning, of course, "check up on us to make sure we aren't doing anything we shouldn't), and asked if there were any concerns we might have that she could address, and had the carryover thing been on my mind, I would've brought it up, but it wasn't, so feh. Maybe next time I see her...

[3] Another thing that's currently being talked about quite a bit is some manager from KFC being unpleasant any time he orders food from us. It started with not having pies when he came through drive through one night, and has gone on from there. He and someone I'm assuming was his girlfriend came into the dining room tonight, ordered food, ate, then left their mess on the table they were sitting at. They didn't clean it up, as, according to him, we can't complain about what the customers do. Before I even knew who the guy was, I wanted him to come in and raise a fuss when I was working, so I could tell him "This isn't your store to manage, so stop", but Joe knew who it was, which makes things much more interesting. Jared, the same guy that used to volunteer at Heart and Stroke. So whenever I end up starting to go back there in a couple months, it's going to be really fun if he decides to stop by. I probably wouldn't say the above to him at work, but if I meet him somewhere that isn't Taco Bell, I might just have to say "You were the talk of the store back in the summer" and see where it goes from there >:3

[4] One more thing Joe brought up tonight. An unknown amount of time ago, Sheila asked him how he could be like Josh and I, in staying up 'till 5:30 in the morning playing videogames. I can't speak for Josh, because he doesn't work closes that often anymore, and I shouldn't in the first place, but from my point of view, it's simple. I'm used to closing. I challenge you to become accustomed to staying up 'till 3 or 4 in the morning, yet still be able to go to sleep as soon as you get home. I could take issue with her saying that I just play videogames too. Since I got home tonight / this morning, the only game I played was Mungyodance 2, and that was only for half an hour or so. It's a pity I'd probably never hear her actually say that, because it'd be nice to be able to determine whether she was joking around, or serious...

Work stuff aside though, I received an email from Pounced to say that my ad expired, so I set it as active again, and the first several torrents I was downloading for George are now finished. Thankfully, I see him tomorrow night, because it might just be easier to download the most recent albums of all the bands he has listed, then reencode the MP3s at a lower bitrate to bring the size down some if necessary. I don't think Manoah is going to reply via email though, so I'm going to have to ask him about that tomorrow night, and I should also be getting another email from Paypal tomorrow to say that my transfer has cleared.

It's now almost 6 though, and I'm quite tired, so whatever I was going to write will have to wait 'till later this afternoon. I know there was more, but I literally cannot remember any of what it was. It's so fun. Those couple paragraphs don't seem like much, but meh. I could stand to write a short-looking entry every now and then ^^;

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