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It Has Been Confirmed :3

Dear Cola: way to let me say "No worries, so go do whatever you have to". I realize you're busy with work and all, but signing off right away like that makes me think I picked a bad time to ask that question ;_; But anyways (and this is directed at whoever happens to be reading this; not just Cola, because he already knows), if I can drag myself out there, I'll be heading to Via Rail sometime in the next couple hours to get another ticket. For the 24th to 26th, this time.

But otherwise, yeah. Today has been very, very good for sleeping <3 Went to bed at ~7, woke up at 2:30 or so, then went back to sleep again after that (but not before stumbling out into the bathroom), and slept 'till almost 5, because for one, the air conditioner is on, and I also found the other night that if I push the table my fan is on back towards the foot of my bed, then turn the fan some, it blows across my whole body instead of just head and chest, which makes things much nicer. Pity it's not just a bit colder down here though, because I'd really like to put my footpaws on for what'll be the first time in almost five months ;_; I suppose there's nothing stopping me though, so maybe I'll do that once I finish writing this and possibly head out to the train station. I had a cool dream while I was sleeping though, which I'm going to put in a cut so it's separated from the rest of the entry.

While I very much doubt the first bit had any connection to the rest of the dream, it was still part of it, so...

When it started, I was talking with Naomi, and told her that if I failed to do something she was expecting me to (I can't remember what, unfortunately), she could use my room for exactly twelve hours. I guess there was something in there that she wanted or something. Of course, I wasn't able to do whatever that thing was, so next time I went in there, she was sitting on my bed, but my room looked different too, in that while my bed right now is actually up against the wall in a corner, in the dream, the head of it was still touching the wall, but it was centered in my room. Sort of weird, but anyways, that's where that part ended.

Next thing I knew, I was traveling up some mountain (which would be more accurately described as a very large hill, because it didn't go down on the other side) in some sort of cart (know the sort of things skiers use to get to the top of the hill?). With me were two guys, who I'll refer to as guy 1 and guy 2, just for the sake of it. I recognized guy 1 from somewhere, but couldn't recall any specifics, and guy 2 was a stranger to me, but presumably a friend of guy 1. Anyways, up the hill / mountain we went, and stopped about halfway up to grab something. I don't know what, but when guy 2 came back, he gave me some sort of padded box to hang on to, told us to strap ourselves back in (for the "cart" was rather shaky), and we continued on our way. It was then that I started noticing animals on the ground below / in front of us. Animals none other than leopards, or so I'd assume, because as we got higher up, they started turning white, and I actually said out loud "Snow leopards!" then "Aww, they're sleeping", despite there being no snow in sight. That was followed by guy 2 saying something like "It took this long, but he finally gets to see a real live one". Yes indeed. I imagine there'd be something special about actually seeing the animal that corresponds to your fursona, provided it's not something too common <3

But on we continued to the top, where there was a sidewalk, surrounded by a field of grass. Up in the distance there was some sort of city too, but the sidewalk ended before getting to it, so you had to walk across the grass too. It was just sort of strange. Also in the distance though, somebody was moving a sign over that said "Welcome to [city]!" Then, just as we reached the end of the sidewalk I looked down and saw pictures embedded into the sidewalk, of some guy holding what looked like a surfboard with wings over his head, and was wearing a suit with the same sort of thing. There was also a plaque accompanying them, which said that guy 2 was the one who originally discovered that area (presumably with the "surfboard" and flying suit thing), and helped build the beginning of the city. So I turned to him and said that was pretty cool, and that's all I can remember.

The last bit is actually really Megaman Battle Network / Starforce-ish, in that in at least a couple of the games, there's a city with a small corner dedicated to the founder, who found the area using unconventional means, and last time I checked, doing something like guy 2 did, and actually gliding up and over the mountain / hill is definitely unconventional :p

So of course, upon waking up, I asked myself "Why can't all my dreams be like that?" There couldn't have been a better time to have that one though. Suffice it to say, my new attitude towards things like what I talked about on the 29th is now "I don't care". Not "I don't care, because this is what I think", but simply "I don't care". Perhaps apathy isn't the best way to go, but it's a far sight better than getting depressed about things I have no control over.

Otherwise, I now have a well-deserved two days off, which I am going to use mainly for downloading music for George. Since there's no way his entire list is going to fit on a 2GB memory stick, I told him I'd just download everything (or as close as I can get to everything) on it, then bring my laptop in some night after that, and let him look through it to decide what he wants. It's probably going to be at least a week before that happens, but yeah.

As for work last night, it went well, given that it started out quite busy again. Although I should note that by "well", I mean I got to do everything I had planned to do. Nachos, pizza shells, and sour cream, namely. And then we were out of there by ~3:20 too, with no sign of the order, but that may be because it's a long weekend, so meh.

I've now been an hour and a half writing this entry though, so I think this is good enough. Hopefully, at any rate~


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