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Always Nice to Start the Day With Some Worry

For one, just before I laid down in bed and closed my eyes to fall asleep, I remembered everybody but me is attending that wedding this month, and it wouldn't do for it to be the same day as one of them that I'll be in London on. But upon waking up, I asked Mom, and she said it was the 16th, so meh. Two weeks away, and I know I'll be here to feed the cats before I leave for work, which is probably my biggest concern.

She also said Josh wanted me to call him back "ASAP" though, and one can only assume he'll ask me to come in to work, presumably to close. I could, to be honest, seeing as I'm pretty sure I've been given three days off this coming week, but I don't like the idea of giving up my day / night off because they can't handle things with who they've got.

I had planned on going to work tonight to clarify a couple things with George (for example, he's got "Rage Against" on his list here, and I don't know if I should be reading that as "Rage Against the Machine" or "Rise Against"), and also to get an answer from Manoah about whether or not he does want to come to London. Unfortunately though, I may not now because of the above stuff (Manoah closes tomorrow though, so I can ask him then), and Mom and Dad are also going out for supper, and buying us KFC. Normally, I'd go along and head over to Taco Bell while they wait for the food, but I doubt either Manoah or George would be working that early. I do also need to book those days off at the end of the month too though, but I guess I could do that tomorrow night as well.

So otherwise, since yesterday afternoon, I have not done much. Unlocked several more songs in Mungyodance 2, had a chat with Noir, which ended rather abruptly after we both stopped saying anything, played a couple songs in Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, and did a couple more puzzles in Pic Pic before going to sleep. Such a full day~ Thus, I'll probably head out to 7-11 / Tim Hortons or Sobeys later, just to get out of the house, but that'll be about it, assuming I don't get a call from work :s

This is once again going nowhere though, and I need to tidy up my desktop anyways, so yeah~

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