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A Little Bit of Clarification

Josh just left. As expected, he want(s/ed) me to close tonight, but the reason for it was something I hadn't expected. Joe was originally supposed to close, but apparently his girlfriend, at one point or another today, told him he was worthless (not in so few words, of course), and he's rather distraught and upset about it, to the point of telling Josh some rather worrying things on the phone earlier. Or so he said, at any rate. For all I know, this could be something entirely made up so they can go out drinking tonight or whatever, but I'm going to assume what Josh was saying is the truth for now.

But because of that, I have Monday night off. Now if only I could figure out some way to get up to London. I really wish ;_; Although considering I still close on Tuesday, that wouldn't work even if I were able to get a last-minute train ticket or something.

I suppose I should go put my laundry in the dryer though, seeing as my uniform is part of it. And then I should probably find something to eat, too, because Mom and Dad left to pick Adam up from work about an hour ago, and still haven't returned. One would assume they went to KFC as well, but they're taking an awful long time about it...