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I May Have a Slight Problem Here

About an hour before leaving for work tonight, I went to Via Rail and bought a train ticket. Nothing out of the ordinary there, except the departure time *from* London is now ~9pm. I believe the buses are still running then though, so I can't see any problem there. Then I went to work, and eventually remembered I needed to book those days off. What did I find? August is all crossed off already. I left a note for Sheila explaining my situation though, and she's supposed to be opening this morning, so hopefully I'm still able to get those days off. And even if not, I know George is looking for shifts, and while I was talking to Joe earlier this afternoon, he said he really owed me, and that he didn't know what he'd do, but he'd think of something, so hopefully I can get *somebody* to take those shifts if it comes down to it. And if worse comes to worse, I'll have to go to Via Rail and see about getting a refund. I'm not entirely pleased about that, but I suppose it was bound to happen eventually, so whatever.

As for closing, it actually went alright. I ended up having to fry even more pizza shells and prep sour cream, but I worked out a way of doing both at the same time on Thursday, and was able to get back into that pattern again. As an interesting (and possibly valuable to me for the time being) observation though, four packages of pizza shells can fit into one bus bin, when they're all fried.

Getting back to the other thing though, it appears even if he wants to, Manoah will not be coming this time. Why? I can guarantee right now he doesn't have those days booked off either, and it'd be next to impossible to both have the same three-day stretch free to go to London. Although what he said about it when I saw him tonight was interesting. He read the part of the email where I asked him if he was serious about going, but never replied, so I asked him about it then, and he said we'd have to discuss it in private. I told him that was fine, but that if he had replied to my email in the first place,he wouldn't have to worry about it, so he said he would when he got home tonight. Despite that, the only emails I've received since leaving for work have gone straight into the spam "folder". He closes tomorrow night though, and we both start at 8, so I'll ask him again then. To be honest, I want him to come along at least once, because he seems to be interested enough in furries, and he'd probably enjoy it, but trying to plan things for myself can be difficult enough, especially in situations such as this.

Oh, and for Cola, sorry for sending that message to you a second time yesterday morning :s I forgot to delete the pounce for it, so as soon as you signed online, off it went :x

But other than that, it's quarter to six in the morning, and I'd like to finish something I started before leaving for work, so I'm going to do that~

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