Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

First Day of the Week, but Nothing Yet

I shouldn't have expected anything either, because I'm obviously anticipating it too much when I have a dream about walking up to a house that wasn't even ours, for some reason, and seeing several boxes addressed to me sitting on the porch. It's only Monday though, so perhaps tomorrow or some day after that~ Then there are two other things as well, but I'm not expecting them 'till next week at earliest.

So I have tonight off, and I should've checked when my next shift starts, but I'll just leave at 7 and hope for the best. Michelle's got an interesting night ahead of her though, because Christine and Joe are the other two closers :s But then again, after last night, I really don't care as muh as I should. It started off normal enough, being slightly busy, but not so much that we couldn't get anything done. Then from 10 to 11 we had 23 customers, and it was quite a bit busier than normal for the following two hours as well. 1 - 2 wasn't as bad, which I was thankful for, but still, it was not a good night. I almost feel as if I should apologize to Manoah and Michelle, because I was getting extremely angry, and that's only happened once or twice before.

There was one good part of the night though, which was finding a note on the board at the back that said "Your request has been taken care of", so I can only assume I'm going to have the 24th through 26th off now. If possible, I'd like to not have to work on the 23rd either, but even if I do, perhaps Joe or George will be willing to take that shift.

And in other news, George's list of music he wants is now at the point where it doesn't scroll up or down anymore, so I should be finished downloading everything on it by the end of the week (or Saturday, which is when he wants me to bring my laptop to work so he can pick through it), although I've only got ~11GB left on my torrents partition too, so hopefully everything else he wants will fit :s

Anyways, I think it's going to be more Mungyodance 2 for now. I thought the last unlockable song was "Final Destination", but I unlocked another one after it before going to bed this morning, so maybe there'll be even more~

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