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I Cannot Figure Out Where to Start

Today has largely been one of those days where I wish I'd just stayed in bed. As previously mentioned, I'm still waiting on my stuffed / plush snow leopard, which should be arriving this week, but there's also another package I have coming that I didn't think would be showing up 'till the 11th, if not after. Let's just say it's a shirt. A shirt that I posted a link to a little while ago saying that I needed to get one of. And then also that Neocube, but the tracking page is still stuck at "electronic shipping info received" which is odd, but the same page for that Star Ocean guide I bought stopped updating after a certain point as well, so maybe the same is happening in this case.

And then also, Chesh is nowhere to be found as of yet, which is starting to get slightly annoying, because last I heard from her, my ears were in the process of being made, and I'd like to at least know they were sent out this week or something. Oh, and paws from SPark too, of course, but I'll probably just poke her on the 24th before I leave for the train station, and hope she's replied by the time I'm at the apartment in London. Just for progress of course, because she's already said that as long as nothing goes wrong, they should be done and sent out by the end of August.

Also today, I'd planned on going to Staples, but ended up staying here because Mom and Naomi had to go out to get school supplies, and I didn't feel like waiting for them to get everything they needed. I want to get one of the flexible keyboards, such as can be seen here. Well, either one that's flexible, or one that doesn't have the number pad, because I can't play StepMania / Mungyodance worth anything with my laptop's keyboard (the keys are too close together), and I don't want to have to cram the full-sized keyboard I'm using right now into my backpack next time I go to London. Now, I don't absolutely *have* to be able to play the game(s), but I'd like to, and I'm sure some of the backgrounds and songs (at least in Mungyodance's case) would get interesting comments ^^; But perhaps we'll be able to go out there tomorrow and see what they have

So anyways, I start at 8 tonight, and close with Joe and Michelle. Here's hoping it's less busy than it was on Sunday night too, because I'd really hate to have to go through that again. But then I have tomorrow and Thursday off, except on Thursday Mom and I are getting our hair cut, followed by grocery shopping afterwards, so I won't be able to sleep in as much as I'd like then :s

Speaking of Mom though, she mentioned something the other night. Apparently it's my month to go out for supper with her. I'm not sure what it's all about either, but I remember two other excursions like that before, both with Dad. For one, we went to the field behind that big building that's near Crabby Joe's (I can't remember the name of it, although I want to say it's the courthouse) to kick a soccer ball around, seeing as that was still back when they were trying to get us into sports, and then we got ice cream afterwards. For the other one, we went to Arbys for supper, I think, and the only thing I remember him asking was if there were any girls at school that I liked. Yesh. So I'm not entirely looking forward to having supper with Mom, because I can see one of the questions she asks right now being "So what do you do when you go to London?", more than likely followed by questions about furries. I'm being given the chance to pick where we go though, and I'd like to see what that new Wendys looks like, so perhaps that. Even if we simply don't go grocery shopping right after getting back from Tilbury, and instead go out later on in the evening, but stop by Wendys for supper first. That way, there's a slight sense of urgency too, in wanting to get out to Real Canadian Superstore, get everything we need, and get home in time to pick Dad up from work. It seems I have something to ask her when I get home... :3

But to finish this off for now, three random things I couldn't fit anywhere else:

[1] At first, I was aiming to have $8,000 in my bank account by the next time I go to London. I still might, but after some thinking about the coming months, and what things might look like by the end of the year, I realized I'd completely forgotten about MFF. Specifically, the money part of it. If I recall correctly, Cola made it sound like it'd be at least $250 for the room, which is fine. Well, not fine, but reasonable, I guess :p As for money for the rest of the con, $500 - $700 (if I have enough extra, and want to be on the safe side) is probably what I'll go with. Now I understand why I've seen things such as "I would go this year, but I don't have the money" being said :x
[2] My toe hurts ;_; I was clipping my nails (or I suppose you might say "claws" if you want to be furry about it) the other night, and on one of them, the entire thing came right out :s Thus, I now have a nice little hole, there, which I know you didn't need or want to know, but now you do.
[3] A more-updated list of what to buy everyone for Christmas, since I'll probably start buying things in September. For Dad, that record to MP3 and / or CD thing. For Mom, that "Living Bible" book. For Adam, an R4DS and a microSD card to go with it, and for Naomi, I'm not sure yet. I know she uses IMVU now, so maybe I can get her credits, which is what I was thinking of doing for Adam last year. Hmm...

Anyways, Mom wants me to find and print off a copy of her resume, and I still have to ask her about Wendys, so I might as well get busy~

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