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Not Too Long of a Wait, I Suppose

Woke up around noon today, went into the bathroom, and when I came out, Mom and Dad were standing in the TV room (which is right next to the bathroom). I told Mom her resume was on top of the computer, then Dad said there was a "parcel for you downstairs". I fail to see why he couldn't have just said "Box" or "Package", but meh. Figuring it was just that shirt though, I went back into my room, and laid down in bed again. That lasted 'till about 2, and I really didn't want to go downstairs to grab the package before Dad left (at ~3:30), because I knew he'd ask me what it was. So I played Pic Pic for a bit, and finally, around 3:15, I heard the front door open and close, so I got up and walked out into the hallway. On the laundry hamper right next to my door were *two* boxes. Yay ^^

One was indeed that shirt, and the other was my stuffed (or plush) snow leopard <3 Feedback has since been left for that, and coincidentally enough, included in the box the shirt was in was a small catalogue of other items they're selling, one of them being a USB turntable thing. I think Dad would more appreciate something that you can put a record and a CD into, and have it burn the songs from the record onto the CD though, which it doesn't sound like that other one does. Erf. But anyways, yeah. Neocube is the only thing left that's on it's way here now, but it was just shipped on the 30th, so will likely not be showing up 'till next week. Oh well.

Otherwise today, two interesting things have happened. One was seeing the list of planned events for the furmeet, so it's my intention to ask to head to Staples around 8 tonight, seeing as they close at 9, so I can look for one of those keyboards, and after that, go over to Taco Bell and see about booking some days off in September. Manoah is closing tonight too, so I'd even be able to tell him "I'm going back on this day, so if you are interested in coming, think about it. Although I'm probably going to try something different for next time either way though. While going there on Sunday and leaving on Tuesday is alright for the most part, it really sucks having to worry about closing the Saturday before, and getting home in time to have five or six hours of sleep. So for at least one of these times, I'm going to try going to London on Monday, and leaving on Wednesday. That way, I could figure out where Josh lives, and head over to say hi on Tuesday afternoon or something...

And as for thing two, I'm not going to say just yet, because it wouldn't be right. A bit of a hint would be that somebody didn't tell me something they probably should have. I won't say where (or who, for that matter), and it's not a bad thing either (it's sort of fun, in an odd way), but enough of that.

To finish off though, it might be a better idea to just go to Staples now. Dad will probably call to get picked up from work around 8:30 or so, and as far as I know, Mom doesn't have any other plans for tonight...

I guess I'm just waiting for her and Adam to get home then~

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