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A New Sort of Irritation

It's been very slow going so far, but for the most part, I do realize that no matter how hard I wish it were otherwise, there are going to be furries out there that choose snow leopards for their fursonas. My attitude about that is still pretty much "Whatever", in that there's not much I can do about it, so there's no sense worrying about that.

What do you do, however, when somebody is using your name? Before I even go into that, I realize that perhaps the other guy was the first one to start using it, in which case he should be the one complaining, but feh. Anyways, the story is like this:

[1] One of the first things I do upon getting home from London on July 15th is sending Cooper an email to ask about a couple things, one being my commission. She said she had "already started to color it", so I figured it must be almost finished.
[2] Much later, yesterday night (August 5th), I tried going to her Furaffinity page to see if she had anything there about commission status, because I hadn't heard from her in a while. Surprise surprise, I see my name as the 4th most recent submission she uploaded. Cue a bunch of excitedness, and a little bit of being angry, because she never once said it was finished. "Already started to color it" makes me think it's not done yet. Not that it was colored and uploaded back in May :s
[3] I finally worked up the nerve to look at it tonight, and eventually figured I should leave a comment to say "thanks" at the least. My original intentions were to not say anything, and see how long it took her to tell me it was finished, but I couldn't wait. Anyways, I didn't want to use the account I have on Furaffinity right now, because the name is one I use where I don't want to give out my "real" online name.
[4] Upon trying to create a new account, I get told the name is already in use. I can't recall signing up for it aside from once with that other name, but I try a couple different email addresses I've used in the past on the "Forgot password?" page, to no avail.
[5] I finally realize somebody else is using my name. Not entirely, because they have a spelled-out number tacked onto the end, but apparently they saw fit to register at Furaffinity as "Karadur".
[6] In the end, I log in with that other account, and leave a comment.

Now, looking at it from a real-life point of view, there's nothing to get uptight about. Think about everyone you've met in the past, or are friends with, and there will more than likely be more than one, say, "John" or "Mary". It just seems different looking at it from the furry angle though...

Anyways, that picture can be seen here, if you're interested. I'm not entirely fond of the watermark / signature thing in the lower right, but meh. It's not touching, well, me (^^) in any way, so it's easily removed >:3 I figure that I paid for it after all, so the least I should be able to is remove it from the copy that's in my random pictures folder right now~ I obviously plan on making a userpic out of the head, but the problem right now is figuring out a good color to use for the background. I really don't like the dark blue...

As for the rest of today, Staples didn't have any of those keyboards, but I was able to book August 31st (I think) thorough September 2nd, and September 22nd to 24th off, so all that's left now is to see if those dates work for Cola, then I'll be getting two more train tickets. I sent an email to Chesh on that note too, because it's now been ten months since she said she wanted to make a pair of ears for me, and I'd like to have them for the next fursuiting event.

Pulling out of Taco Bell's parking lot though, I told Mom why I wanted to book more time off, followed by her asking what I thought she would when we went out for supper: "What do you when you're in London?" She'll likely be getting the answer to that question tomorrow though, because as I'd hoped, we're going to Wendys for supper before we go grocery shopping. Although there's also something else she has for me, that Adam thought was "flipping awesome", and that, in her words "takes about twenty minutes". It's somewhere in this city too, although I have literally no clue what she's talking about :x The *only* thing I can think of is taking the van through a car wash, and I really don't see how that could take 20 minutes, or how it could be so awesome :s We'll see, I guess.

But it's about time I got to bed. Naomi's coming to Tilbury tomorrow too to get her hair highlighted or something, and because of that, we have to leave at noon. And it's already 4:30 ;_;

Until tomorrow, I guess~

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