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Several Interesting Things Have Happened Today...

As opposed to trying to cram them all into a couple paragraphs though, I'm just going to do what I've done before:

[1] New userpic, obviously. With several small modifications, because I wasn't quite happy with it in it's original state ;_; But from what I can remember, I added the little dots for whiskers, fiddled around with the right eye a bit, so there are a couple pixels separating it from the outline of the eye (it looked incredibly odd otherwise, and still does a bit, but that's the best I could get it (although after some more thinking, I wonder what adding the pupil would look like...)), and obviously messing with the "Glow" and "Brightness / Contrast" things in Paint.NET. As I said yesterday morning, I honestly don't like the dark blue background color, but any attempts to change it left ugly-looking jagged edges along the hair, namely. But otherwise, it's alright <3

Now I'm wondering what I want to commission next, and if I want to go to Cooper again, or look around for other artists. Sort of like how SPark has gotten the majority of my business where fursuiting items are concerned. At last count, I've commissioned five things from her, and Chesh is the only other one who would come close, with the two tails, and ears I'm waiting on there. As for what, I really don't know. I've seen several things in the past having to do with con badge deals, and given that MFF is coming up in the not-so-distant (anymore) future, I might want to get one of those, but I have a rather silly question first. Why do I need one? Is it like a nametag, with a picture of at least part of your fursona on it? I'm not sure how it got there, but I've this preconception that they'd be provided at the con, but in reality you would have to get your own, right? That's more directed to kumakehu and / or Cola, because I figure they'd probably know, but if somebody else can explain them, feel free to answer ^^;

[2] This whole entire day has been rather busy. We left for Tilbury at noon, got home around 3 (yeah), where I played Mungyodance and did other random stuff 'till 5:30, at which point we left for "supper". It's in quotes, because before we got back home, we'd gone out to that go-kart thing at the Wheels / Wild Zone, then to Via Rail, then Wendys, then Real Canadian Superstore, followed by coming back home for long enough to bring the groceries in the house, then we went to Value Village. Just for the sake of easiness:

{2a} Go-Karts. They were indeed the 20-minute thing, and / or what Adam thought was "flipping awesome". They were rather fun, but my kart stalled on the last straightaway before the finish line, on the third-last lap, thus giving Mom, who was well behind me up until that point, a chance to catch up ;_; But I did make it past her again before the "race" was over, so yay :3

{2b} Via Rail. I now have three train tickets :x The second is for going to London on the 31st, at ~2 in the afternoon, and coming back on the 2nd, at ~6. The third is leaving on the 22nd, at 2:19 (I think) in the afternoon, once again, and I'll be leaving London at 9:30 or so on the 24th. The guy behind the counter didn't seem to be in a very good mood though. One of the first things he asked me was "You really want to get these this far ahead?" Yes, I do. What's that saying? Oh yeah: "Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today", or something close to that. Anyways, I have those now, so I'll finally be able to attend one of the fursuit events, which is what I'm really looking forward to ^^

{2c} Wendys. We got there right in the middle of the supper rush, but it was otherwise alright. The new building is really nice, but that's about the extent of it. As expected though, Mom asked / said to me "So you're going to tell me about this furry thing... that's what you go to London for, right?" Said yes, but that I'd probably also be visiting Josh one of these times, which led to her asking what he was taking at Fanshawe and such. I don't mind answering questions about furry stuff, but I'm not going to go out of my way to tell somebody about it if they don't really know what it is to begin with. Simply put, you ask the questions, and I'll supply the answers.

{2d} Real Canadian Superstore. Just as we walked into the place, we passed by a man and woman, presumably husband and wife, and the "husband" said "Look! Look!" By that point, we were a fair distance away from them, but I turned around quickly enough to see the "wife" looking right at me. Why? The tail, of course. I said something to myself to the effect of "Hi. Yeah, I have a tail. You can stop with your 'Look, look-ing'." About ten minutes later walking down the aisle with all the crackers and soup, we passed by a couple young kids and their mother. I looked down at them, just to make eye contact, and sure enough, they're looking directly behind me. Ah, to be at that young, impressionable age... Nothing much of note for a little while after that, except for having to walk all the way across the store after we got to the checkout, because Mom forgot to grab cheese sausages :s Once we were out in the parking lot though, Mom said she thought she saw Sheila (actually, she referred to her as "Josh's Mom"), and sure enough, as we were loading the groceries into the van, she pulled up and asked what we were doing. Mom said "Spending our hard-earned money", and they chatted for a bit, about something having to do with outrageous costs for dental-related stuff, then she turned to me. "So where's this tail that I've been hearing all about?" I turned, grabbed it, and held it out in front of me so she could see it, which led to the following conversation:

Sheila: So why are you doing this anyways?
Me: I... umm... just because I want to, really.
Sheila: Well is it just you and a couple others, or...?
Me: No. They're, well, everywhere. Spread all around the place...
Sheila: I'm not making fun of you. I'm just curious. I've never heard of this before.
Me: Yeah, I know (although I'm sort of curious what you say about it behind my back)
Sheila: So I heard you spent a fortune on a white tiger one...
Me: No. This one, well, most of them that I have are snow leopard ones. I did spend alot on one that was skunk striped.
Sheila: Well you always were a skunk! Hahaha...
Me: (if Mom wasn't here, I'd try to explain the concept of a fursona to you, then you'd understand why I have mostly snow leopard tails)
Sheila: So is there a name for them?
Me: They're collectively known as furries.

And from there, Mom repeated the word, followed by Sheila telling us about how Josh went home and told her about it the first night he saw me with one, and she chastised him for saying anything about it, when he sits in front of his computer all day. I'm not sure whether I should feel happy about it in this case. After that though, she said something like "Well if you like it, then good for you". Mom said "Whatever floats your boat" making sure to note that's what Naomi usually says, then Sheila said she should probably head off, and left. It was an interesting conversation, at any rate. I should also note that on the way out there, Mom asked if, when I went to London, I bought other tails and stuff like that. That would be rather cool and convenient, but I'm happy with the way things are right now :3

{2e} Value Village. I bought two pairs of jeans, and a pair of shorts, because both the jeans and shorts I wore before have / had a rather large hole right in between the legs :s I still plan on keeping the jeans to just wear around the house, because the hole isn't noticeable unless I'm sitting with my legs spread apart, but the shorts will likely just go into the garbage. Oh, and I also had to buy a shirt for Mom, because she didn't have enough money, but she gave me $6, so she just owes me a dollar more~ With that and Via Rail combined though, I spent just over $100 today :x Thankfully there's another pay date coming before the 24th though.

[3] I have found another easy dessert recipe. Microwave Fudge (scroll down to the first recipe). I tried making it tonight, and it got hard as hell to stir / mix shortly after bringing it out of the microwave, but the end result tastes pretty good :3 And before the end of the month, I'm going to try making those chocolate chip meringue cookies. We have everything the recipe asks for, so at this point, the only thing keeping me from making them is not quite knowing how to separate the eggs. I watched a movie on Youtube of a guy giving a demonstration, and it doesn't seem that difficult, but watching and doing are two different things :s

[4] I'm getting rather tempted to use that "Lazy Man's Unlocker Application" for Mungyodance 2. I've already unlocked Final Destination, as I said before, but since then, Angel of Theft and Dash Hopes. How many more are there? But while I'm talking about Mungyodance, more pictures. If you want to look at them, at any rate :p

[5] This is what happens when I want / try to be helpful. I should really have just downloaded every band's most recent album, because George likely would've been happy with that, but hindsight is 20/20 :x I'm really looking forward to seeing if Dad says anything when he gets the next phone bill ;_;

[6] This song ("Change the Formality"). There was a thread on fchan (I know, but it was in /dis/ if it makes a difference) back when I still went there asking what types of music everybody liked. One of the commenters said "Most furries seem to like Infected Mushroom" or something like that, but I just thought "I've never heard of them before, so whatever" and thought nothing more of it. Skip ahead to when I started playing Mungyodance 2, and I ran into several of their songs. "Artillery", "Becoming Insane", and the one already mentioned, to name a few. Looking back now, I'd have to say they were right :p Although that statement might not quite be fair, in that you don't have to like them to be furry, and if you're furry you don't have to like them, but I'd say that's where the "most" comes in. They're alright, at any rate ^^

Anyways, as the shortness of items 4 and 5 might indicate, there are other things I'd like to do before I head to bed (even though it's only 4), and I think that's enough for today anyways. And I go back to work at 9 tomorrow too, so if nothing else, hopefully Manoah's working. We'll see, I guess~


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