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I'm Really Not Sure What to Say...

Somebody sent an email to my MSN address earlier today. At first I thought it was Manoah sending me that picture, but it looks like I'm still going to have to ask him to do that tomorrow night. The email was actually from Dan Skunk, with the subject being "Furmeet". Just when I think I've heard all that I'm going to from the guy, he contacts me about something else. Yay :3 What did he want though? There is a furmeet taking place in Toronto on November 8th, that I can only presume he's "advertising" to everyone on his listing. Maybe that's slightly pessimistic of me, but it makes alot more sense than saying he just sent it to the furs on his list who he thinks would like it.

So the reply I sent to him for now said that I'm not sure. One problem is that I've already booked five days off for MFF that month, but there's still a good chance of getting one more off if I need it. The other is obviously transportation. He did also mention that a couple other furs from Chatham were going, so I looked at the list, and found both Lady Ozzlyn and "Deoge", whom I've never heard of. I sent an email to him to say hi though, and also to ask how he's getting there, because if one of the furs from this city are driving and wouldn't mind having somebody else come along, it would be interesting to go. Oh, and I also asked Dan Skunk to change my picture to the same one I'm using as my default userpic here, and there's still one more thing I want changed, but I need to figure out how to word it first.

As for other things, there are several of them.

For one, I want to go to McDonalds for breakfast at least once before the summer is over. I actually had the chance this morning, but decided not to, for wanting to go home and get to sleep before too much more time passed. See, when I change back into my jeans and t-shirt at the end of the night, I put my PSP and headphones on the shelf beside the boxes of garbage bags. Most of the time, I remember to grab them again before leaving too. I forgot to do that yesterday, however, and thus had to stay up 'till 8, call them, make sure it was there, then head up and get it. It really is a weird feeling walking into the store and seeing the openers getting food ready for the day, most of which is stuff you just carried over and fried a few hours prior :p

There were a couple more things involving work too. The first is that, according to Josh, the "KFC guy" actually went to head office, presumably about us not having pies, and thinking we were lying for telling him it'd be ten to fifteen minutes for more to be fried (8 minutes in the fryer, plus some time to cool). So when and if I see him at Heart and Stroke again, I seriously am going to tell him "Oh, it's too bad I didn't know you were going to be here earlier. I would've brought you a pie!" Seriously, ease up. They're hardly that important when it comes down to it, and I'd like to think that by now, Earl, Sheila, and anybody else that you've complained to has more than made it up to you.

And secondly, it would appear Manoah still has the wrong idea about furries. Why? Like I said a couple entries back, I bought a new pair of black jeans. I wore them into work on Friday, and just so happened to have a black shirt with them as well, so at the end of the night, as we were waiting for Steve to set the alarm, he asked me "Are you sure you're a snow leopard? You look more like a black panther to me." Yes, Manoah, I'm quite sure. Why? Because it's a matter of choice. Just because I have black clothes on doesn't change my species (that sounds sort of odd, but meh). I already plan on bringing my laptop in again on Monday to fix something on George's PSP, and I suppose I'll just have to show Manoah my commission. At least that way he'll understand that furries do indeed wear clothes. While I'm talking about him though, it would appear things won't be going quite as I figured if when he does end up coming to London. I know for a fact the first night I asked him about it, he said he'd be staying with Josh, but when I asked him about it either on Friday or the previous shift I worked with him, he said he'd be staying at a (H/M)otel. Twofaced-ness like that isn't entirely uncommon, unfortunately. Despite appearing to get along quite well when working together, Steve apparently has plans to take bets on how long it'll take him (Josh) to get kicked out of college and come back to Chatham. Yeah.

Moving along though, I'm thinking of sending another out-of-the-blue email, to that other "Karadur". It could be seen as looking for trouble, but I would at least like to say "Hey, it would seem that we're both using the same name, but I really don't care, as long as you don't either", because seriously, I wouldn't. The only problem is finding his email address, but last I knew, he has an LJ too, so I could just as easily send him a message on here. The only thing keeping me from doing so is the question of "What happens if he does mind?"

But finally for now (it's already 9), since I haven't uploaded one in a while, new desktop picture <3 I know that's an awful lot of music, but at the rate I'm going, it'll be more effective to just record all the songs from the game :p It'd work too, because I can't find them elsewhere. Just for the sake of having posted it somewhere though, the following is the contents of that "notalwaysright" text file (I've submitted it twice, and haven't seen it up there, so yeah):

*the phone rings around midnight, so I pick it up*

(M)e: "[city, store] this is [...] speaking..."

(C)ustomer: "Hey, umm... I was in there earlier this afternoon, and ordered two soft tacos and a large fry, and it was screwed up, so I wanted to know if it could be replaced."

M: "Okay. When did you place your order?"

C: "Earlier this afternoon, around noon."

M: "... and what was the problem?"

C: "Well, I ordered soft tacos and got hard ones..."

M: "Just hang on one second, alright?"

*I confer with the shift manager as to whether we should replace the order. They say no, so I motion for them to take the phone, followed by them relenting and saying they didn't care*

M: "Sorry about that. So you just needed two soft tacos and a large fry replaced?"

C: "Yeah, but I also ordered a fry supreme and two hard tacos, and was given soft shells"

M: "(this guy has to be kidding) Alright. I can either write your name in our book, or you can come back before 2 and we'll replace that food for you."

C: "Okay, thanks."

Sure enough, somebody showed up at the drive through window about ten minutes later, on a bike. Store policy dictates that customers have to be in a motorized vehicle. Motorcycles are allowed, but nothing below that. The manager opened the window to see what they wanted.

C: "Yeah, I just called about my order being screwed up."

(MA)nager: "I have to ask, what took you so long to call?"

C: "I honestly just realized I should."

*I continue scrubbing the floor, which is what the manager had been doing up to that point, thus missing some of what was said*

MA: "I'm sorry, but I really can't do anything for you now..."

C: "Oh, okay."

And he left without another word...

With that though, it's time I did something else. I've been writing this since 6 in the afternoon, so I really should ^^;

Edit: This is interesting. I'm almost certain "Deoge" is somebody Adam used to be friends with. Small world indeed :3

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