Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Breaking my Promise

So I guess I'm breaking my promise about not writing another entry centered around the Wii until I get one. I just got to reading GameFAQs' message boards, and there's a thread going on about how Friday this week is when stores are supposed to get more. I was thinking that since Thursday night I work, and we'll be out of there by 4 in the morning at latest, then I could either ask Kevin if he could drop me off out there, or have Dad pick me up, and we'd go out there and wait together. The problem with Kevin dropping me off is that then I'd have no way of getting home, which would suck. I've never walked to or from that place before, and although it's very possible (providing I stopped at Taco Bell on the way to sit down and have something to drink), it wouldn't be fun.

Still though, I could do that, and upon arriving at Taco Bell, ask to use the phone, so I can phone home for a ride. If I can't reach anyone from there, then walking home the rest of the way wouldn't be too big of a deal, because I've done it before. It's just walking the entire way home in one go that wouldn't work.

If Dad were to pick me up, however, then I'd have the luxury of being able to remain in the van until I saw other people arriving, at which point I could get out and reclaim my place in line.

The only problem with all this is finding out for sure whether EB Games is going to be getting them on Friday. I'd hate to go all the way out there, just to find that they still didn't get any. Well, I don't know. It's just that I'd hate to go through all that, and not get anything out of it. I'll give 'em a call tomorrow, and bring up the subject.

If they do, then I'm going to ask Dad first if he'll pick me up from work and we can go wait together. If he says no, then I'll ask Kevin. I can't see him saying "no" but possibly being taken aback that I'd ask him such a thing. He's expressed enthusiasm towards the Wii as well though, so I suppose there's no way of knowing for sure without just asking him. Hell, he's actually told me that next time everyone wants Dairy Queen, I'm going with him as opposed to Josh (which is touching in and of itself), so this might just be another thing of the same sort.

Pity everyone else just took off to the Superstore. If I'd known that Friday would be the day, then I'd've gone with them, and asked to stop by EB to see whether it was the truth or not.

So anyways, yeah. The whole "finding out if they really will be getting them then" is the big problem. As long as the answer's "yes", I fully well plan on camping out in front of the store for 6 hours. Even if I have to walk out there myself after I get done at work. That wouldn't be fun, but once again, in this case, I would.

Thinking about it though, Thursday is my day for grocery shopping. I plan on stopping by EB anyways, so I'll probably go in and just say "I was reading that other EB Games stores and Gamestops are supposed to be getting more Wiis tomorrow. Do you know if you guys'll be as well?" As long as I get Kyle, face to face, I'm pretty sure I'll get a truthful answer.

If the answer's "No" or "I really don't know", then I'm just going to say screw it. Might as well wait until Nintendo ships their Christmas stock out.

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