Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

For Noir:

We were actually having a fun chat. Talking about random stuff, and I was getting my room cleaned up at the same time. Then you went offline. I thought you were just rebooting your computer to try to sort out those connection issues, but that doesn't seem to be the case, unless your computer takes almost two hours to boot ;_; As long as Deoge is fine with meeting up together, I'll let you know either via message on here, in MSN, or I'll just write it at the beginning of one of my entries and bold it or something.

Now I have to finish cleaning, but I lost all will to do so as soon as you / she stopped responding. There are a couple things I can write about first though.

[1] Received a reply to that message I said I was going to send. He doesn't mind either, because there are apparently many duplicates. That got me to thinking, and I do remember back when I first installed Trillian, and actually set up an AIM account for myself, SteamedDozer was right on me thinking I was some "Karadur Severnine". It's a relief at any rate though.

[2] Somebody else has commissioned SPark for one of those airbrused snow leopard tails. It's already done, and there's something about it. First of all, the spots are blue, and it also has a "spine", which can be used to position it however you like. At first I started getting irritated about that again, but the thing that has me sort of calmed down is what I said before, regarding the species, and also, even if I had known before about the spine thing, all the tails I've bought from her (with the exception of the giant one) have been premade, and thus I wouldn't have been able to request that.

[3] On the topic of tails, I have a new way of storing them now. I pulled by bed out from the wall some, and attached three extra shelf supports that were in my closet to the "bars" for the shelf, and now they're all hanging from those. I still need to find somewhere to put my giant tail and footpaws, although I'm thinking for the former, it can go on my top bunk when I want to sit in the chair, and on the chair when I want to be on the top bunk. Footpaws obviously can't be hung up either, but they're small and light enough to just be left on the floor beside the chair or something. And then there's also that tail I bought from Rensis (or the fur from it, really), that I may have a use for. Instead of just leaving it sitting on my floor, I'm thinking about finding someplace that sells double-sided tape (Staples, perhaps?) and sticking it on the cover of my laptop. At least that way it'd be getting used, and it'd look nice too. Besides, the name of my laptop itself (as in the actual computer name in Windows) is "snowleopard" so it'd work ^^

[4] That other furmeet. As far as I can tell, Deoge is willing to pick me up, but I'm just waiting to hear back from him for sure before I tell Dan Skunk / Ki Wind (I think) that I plan on coming.

Now I go back to cleaning though, but not before running across the hallway to use the bathroom~

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