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Preferably by the end of the week, but by the 24th at latest, I'll be sending my airbrushed tail back to SPark. Why? Because it costs $15 to add a spine to a tail, and I don't have the will nor money to commission another one. Well, I do have the will, but only for wanting a tail with one. Not the will to spend the money to commission one on top of what I already have. Then there's also an idea I had last winter, that I finally got around to asking her about just earlier tonight. I figure the worst she can say is "No, I'm not able to do that", and being told no is a far sight better than not asking at all, and seeing somebody else commission something (that blue spotted snow leopard tail, in this case) that you think looks cool, and effectively cursing yourself for not just up and asking while you had the chance. At least in my case.

But what's that idea? I bought a couple pairs of arm warmers on eBay last winter. I wrote something about doing so in here, but I suppose I could say what they were / are instead of just saying "Remember what I bought back on such and such a date?" Why? Because I wanted to ask SPark if she could make a furry pair, but, well, see the above paragraph. I've asked now though, as I just said, and she replied to say that it'd be $40 for "the set". I assume that's the same as "pair", but meh. So the same thing goes for getting a money order or starting a Paypal transfer for there. Although at this point, I figure it'd be easiest to get a box from work to put the tail in (a lettuce box should do nicely, although the sour cream or hot and mild sauce boxes are much more sturdy, albeit smaller), then get a money order from the bank for $61. $15 for the spine, $40 for the arm warmers, and $6 for shipping. Or actually, screw the shipping, because I could just ask for those two things to be shipped back in the same box my paws will be. Assuming they'll fit, but I'll ask about that before I go to sleep.

And then although I still plan on getting a head eventually (a fursuit head, just to clarify ^^;), there's something else I've sort of wanted ever since a couple months under a year ago. I've actually told Cola and Noir what it is, but for everyone else, it's a secret >:3 Especially because I'm not 100% sure how I want it to look yet.

Moving on, as long as the date and time works for both of them, Deoge, Noir, and I will be meeting up somewhere (probably Tim Hortons) on the 13th (tomorrow, yes) :3 As I told Deoge, I'm looking at it from a "First official furmeet in Chatham" angle. It may be extremely small compared to the one in London, but three is a crowd, so yeah ^^

As for other things today, Mom had something interesting and good happen to her. She found almost $40,000 in her bank account that she didn't know she had. How you misplace that amount is beyond me, but she was ecstatic about it. To the point where we went out to Smittys for supper to celebrate :p She said most of it was in her savings account though, which got me wondering. Maybe it's just be a better idea to take the money I'll need for MFF out of my savings account, and replace it immediately once I have enough afterwards. I have $3,000 in there right now, and I remember Cola saying the most Madius ever spent at a con being $750, so that's a good enough guide to go by. I can see ~$500 right now, but that may or may not change as November gets closer...

Anyways, it's bedtime, seeing as it's now 6:30 in the morning. Well, almost bedtime. I just have to send that email to SPark...

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