Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Yay for Several Things

But before I get to any of those things, I have a bit of a problem. Deoge came through the drive through to get food tonight, yes? Manoah yelled for me when he was at the window, so I went over, said hi, answered the question I was asked involving how my shift was going, then him having to leave because he was running late for something (at least I think), and another car pulled in, so I had to make their order. Towards that though, I made at least 60 tacos tonight, and that was only from the several family packs that were ordered, as well as two customers in drive through wanting just ten tacos at two different points during the night. And then apparently one Mexican Pizza isn't good enough anymore, because there were at least five orders for just two of them, when I can't recall ever having to make an order like that before.

Anyways, to get back to the problem, after he pulled away, Manoah asked me if that's who I was expecting. Told him yes, and things somehow led to me telling him there were at least two lists of (some of) the furries, either in Canada on a whole, or in Ontario on it's own. So I told him I'd send him two links when I got home, because I figured it couldn't hurt. I seem to have forgotten, however, that on both the Torfur list, and the one at furry.ca, are links to my LJ. I don't want to have to have said links removed though, because although it hasn't happened from either of those two sites yet, who knows when somebody that I wouldn't care about seeing the link might end up looking at it? I suppose the least I can do for now though is to email him explaining the situation. Of course he's going to be curious why I just won't tell him, and I still might decide to eventually, but it's going to take a bit more thought first...

As for those several things...

[1] I completely forgot that my Neocube was supposed to arrive this week, but I came down here on Monday and saw a padded envelope on the chair for me. At first I thought it might be my ears, but the package was slightly too small, and last I checked, Chesh doesn't go by "Strong Force Inc.". I will admit it's fun to play with though ^^ I've still yet to figure out how to turn it into a cube, and I've watched the instructional movie on the site several times, but oh well. That hasn't stopped me from having fun with it yet :3

[2] It appears I won't be sending sending that tail back to SPark until September 3rd or 4th. I still plan on going to the next fursuiting event in London, and by the sounds of things, whatever they decide to do would be indoors, and thus I'd be bringing my footpaws too. However, the only tail I have that matches the footpaws is the airbrushed one, and that's obviously the same one I was going to send back to her sometime this week. Erf :x

[3] I could be sure I mentioned this already, but I went to Staples today, not for anything computer-related, but rather for double-sided tape. For what? Well, I've had that fur from the tail I bought from Rensis sitting up in my room for the longest time, and instead of just picking it up and moving it every now and then, I cut some of it off and stuck it onto the cover of my laptop ^^; It doesn't fit perfectly, and the fur doesn't stick to the tape quite as well as I'd hoped, but it looks rather cool. I'd actually take a picture of it if the flash on Dad's old digital camera would work (Naomi has the new one, and rarely lets it out of her sight), but meh. At least it's going to some use~

[4] Tomorrow (or today). Thus far, we're going to meet up at Sobeys around 7:30 (or rather, we'll all be leaving for Sobeys then), and we'll decide what we want to do, or where we want to go from there. Deoge suggested bowling, and that does sound fun (although I haven't been in a couple years :x), but other than that, we have 'till ~11:30 to do whatever :3 I tidied up the living room and dining room here fairly well though, so it'd be nice to come back here for at least a half hour at some point to relax and play videogames or something. And then I figure it'd be fun to finish the night off by going to Tim Hortons, then heading back to our own houses, but that all depends on what Noir and Deoge want to do. I'm looking forward to it, at any rate ^^

[5] One last thing, because I still need to shave before I go to bed. I got Manoah to send me that other picture he took tonight, and it can be seen here ^^; Note that I uploaded it to my friends-only gallery for the time being, because you can actually see my face, although thinking about it now, maybe it'd be a good one to replace the picture of me I have on my Pounced profile right now, thus eliminating the need to keep it friends-only... It's time I called it a night though. Tomorrow is going to be rather eventful too, after all~

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