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Karadur Inacu 

The Current State of Things (x2)

I know I've used that title before, but it works just as well in this case, so meh :p

[1] Furmeets
Our plans right now are to do something on Monday, Tuesday and Saturday, which are the 18th, 19th, and 23rd, respectively.

On Monday, we are going to the Wheels again. Probably for bowling like last time, but also for either minigolf or laser tag. Tuesday evening is going to be spent going to see a movie. At this point, Tropic Thunder seems to be our choice, but that will be confirmed either on or before Monday. And then on Saturday, we may be going out to Golf & Fun for the minigolf course there :3 The house should be available for us to come back to on each of those nights (I say "should" because "will" sounds a bit too overconfident), and there are also two Tim Hortons within close walking distance, in the event anybody wants to go there. As for who would be attending each night...

Monday (18th) Tuesday (19th) Saturday (23rd)
Deoge Available Available Available
Noir Unsure Unsure Unsure
Lady Ozzlynn Available Available Unsure
Zaz No No Available
FriedCanine No Unsure No
Me (Karadur :p) Available Available Available

So yeah. And the best part about it is the Sunday after that Saturday is when I'll be going to London :3 It's going to be nice just *attending* a furmeet, instead of trying to figure out what to do (I should say that Deoge has been very helpful where that's concerned though), and trying to organize and coordinate who's coming on a certain night and such :x I will admit that it feels good to actually be contacting other furs to see if they're interested in coming, instead of just being content to go to London when I have the chance. But anyways, that's about it for that one.

[2] Work (Rant-ish as Usual)
Last night was, while not our worst close ever, quite bad. Is it wrong of me to say I'd prefer to be put on line when Manoah's working, because he doesn't clean the grill and line still looks messy when he's done cleaning it? Is it wrong of me to not have insisted that we do *some* prep for them in the morning, even though I'm not a manager? To the first question, I was obviously on drive through last night. Not bad, except that one out of every five customers was trying to place their order in their regular voice, and I don't like asking them to speak up because it sounds rude. Thus, I ended up leaning forward towards the window, pressing the ear piece of the headset up against my ear, and shoving my other ear against the stack of cup trays, to try to hear them better :x There were a couple that that didn't even help, but I asked them to pull up to the window, so meh. Also, it was rather busy. Enough so that I didn't have more than 10 minutes to wash dishes until we closed. After I finished those, I walked back up to line, to grab the pies from the cabinet, and decided to check and make sure Manoah didn't forget anything. The grill was still on, and there were bits and pieces of beef in hot line :\ Those didn't get taken out, and Steve just turned the grill off. *sigh*

As for the prep, they would've had to do the following this morning: at least two trays of sour, sauces, bagging as well as possibly frying nachos, and panning pizza shells. Sometimes I wish I were a manager, but it's mostly only for wanting to tell, say, Steve what to do. I'd say Manoah, but he was busy most of the night with orders :s But tonight, Cindy is the closing manager, so although things may go better, I'm not counting on it ;_; Joe is there 'till 1, too, but otherwise, it's just Cindy, Manoah, and me closing, so it's going to be a fun night...

The one good thing that happened last night was checking my bank account, and finding that my pay had indeed gone in, so those problems should be behind me now.

[3] Other Things
Everybody is gone to that wedding today. It's actually nice having the whole house to yourself, but as of right now, there's only a half hour left before I leave for work :s Dad mentioned something interesting while I was printing directions from Google Maps for him earlier this morning though. "It'll probably be the first and last time we go there", where "there" is to Aunt Patty and Uncle Rob's new house, presumably. Now, it *could* simply be the place the wedding is being held at, but he didn't say it 'till I started printing the directions to their house. Or maybe I'm just thinking about it too much.

Anyways, as with yesterday's entry, that's it for now, because I still need to get dressed (I'm wearing all of a pair of shorts ^^;), and I need to find something to eat before going to work. I don't even know what there is though. Yay~


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