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One Idea for the 9th

9th of November, that is.

(9:53:51 PM) Deoge: I knew I forgot to tell ya something while I was at Taco Bell...Was talking to Dan again and he said depending on what time you work the day after the meet...we all could go over to the Toronto Zoo and see the Wolves and Snow Leopards.

Yesh <3 I truly would love to do that ^^ But as for the "depending on what time you work the day after the meet" thing, I don't plan on having to, because I'm not going to have Deoge, if nobody else, in a rush to get me back here in time for work. The way I see it thus far is as follows: I have the 8th and 9th booked off, so I should not be scheduled on those days. If they do put me on the schedule though, I will first go to Sheila and Earl, explaining that I had plans for those days for almost four months. From there, if necessary, I could ask somebody to take those shifts, or they could fix it themselves. There's one other thing I could do past that if it comes to it, but here's hoping it doesn't for now :s That whole idea in and of itself is rather interesting / coincidental though. Read the cut in this entry and you'll see what I mean. No, it wouldn't involve the cart, and the recognizing one guy but not being able to place from where, and not knowing the other guy at all is definitely there :3 Or perhaps I'm just thinking about it too much. I'm alot less willing to just pass it off as such in this case, however...

Oh, and for Cola, as much as I appreciate your concern / advice to be at least a bit cautious there (and I still do plan to be, for it being my first time going to something that large), I would forever regret (well, quite possibly forever, but more likely a month at least) not going. And if it turns out to be not that great, at least something fun will have happened afterwards ^^;

As for other things today, I plan to have vacuumed the living room before I leave for work, and I'll more than likely do the dining room upon getting home too. Then if I still have the energy to do more cleaning, my room, because it's starting to get rather messy, and the floor has not been vacuumed in some time. After that, depending on what time it is, and whether we have the stuff for it, I may try making more of that microwave fudge, except with chocolate chips in it. Or perhaps that could be something to do before our meet starts tomorrow. That way it would be done if / when we decide to come back here.

There's also exactly one week to go now. Unfortunately, I doubt I'll have received those ears from Chesh in time for the fursuiting event on the 1st, but if nothing else, I'll bring a tail, and feel just a bit foolish for not having a full suit :p Or if it's an indoor thing, I could bring my footpaws as well, but I'll ask about it when I'm there next week. Those ears aren't the only thing I'm expecting in the mail now either. For no real reason in particular, I went to Mungyodance's site last night, and saw that they had a link to where you could buy CDs. After some looking before going to bed, and upon waking up, I knew there was one I definitely wanted to get, and decided on one more after taking one last look through the list. They are I Kind of Really Want to Make Love to You, and Heartmender. Sort of amusing too, because last time I remember ever getting a physical CD was when Mom took us up to Gospel Text and told us we could pick one each. In the case of the two above, the direct download service would've been $8 cheaper, but meh. I'd like to have the actual CDs :p And then I'll probably get this one eventually (although I can't figure out if the title is "I Am Sinistar" or "Furries in a Blender"), but that can wait until if / when they have the actual CD available.

Anyways, it's now 4:30, and I'm pretty sure I heard Dad say something to Naomi earlier about going out to Smittys for supper at 5:30, so I might as well tidy this room up right now. And it'd probably be a good idea to go ask what's for supper, just to be sure. Let's find out~...


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