Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

The Meet that Wasn't...

I don't even feel like continuing to write this entry, purely for for the title, but it works, and it's all I can think of, so meh :p

As it might indicate, things didn't go quite as planned tonight. I talked with Deoge for a bit before leaving at 7:30, and we got to YA right at 8 (well, maybe a minute before or after). We waited there for ~40 minutes, just talking about random things, and eventually decided that Lady Ozzlynn wasn't going to show, so we started heading back. At first we were still going to go to the Wheels, but it seemed sort of pointless for just the two of us to go there, so I mentioned that we could either do that, or head to 7-11, then play bowling on Wii Sports at home. So we did, and it was nice being able to pay for my stuff at 7-11 this time ^^; Upon getting home though, one of the first things I did was checking my emails, and sure enough, I'd received one from Lady Ozzlynn. Apparently she forgot to eat, and wasn't feeling well on a whole, so she left work early.

The reply I sent her started off by saying that Deoge was disappointed, and the only thing she could do to make it up to him would be to give him a cookie, and that I wouldn't mind having one too, and also how it was understandable for that sort of thing to happen, and that I hoped she was feeling better. She did ask, however, if we were still going to the theater tomorrow, and I said yes, so I am going to find it quite funny if she does bring cookies :p Picked up some stuff at 7-11 to bring to Cinema 6 though, but I may or may not head there tomorrow as well to get a bottle of pop, but we'll see what happens then.

Otherwise today, I woke up at ~3, made more microwave fudge at 5, and did the dishes after that (the fudge is completely gone already too ;_;), left the house at 7:30, got back here at ~9, and we played Halo, Trauma Center, Cooking Mama, and Guitar Hero III 'till ~1:30 in the morning. Not a terribly eventful night, but it's still more than I usually do on my days off, and we had fun as well, so yay :3

As for tomorrow, thus far, I've asked Noir and Deoge if they were fine with meeting me here at 8, and they both said yes. Lady Ozzlynn, however, is at work 'till 8, so one of the other things I asked in that reply I sent her is if she's fine with coming over here too, and if so, what time she thinks that might be at. Half an hour *is* plenty of time to get to the theater, but there are a couple things I don't yet know that I really would need to in order to say "As long as you're here by then, we'll be fine." Manoah still hasn't gotten back to me though, so I may send him one more email before going to bed, but otherwise, oh well. I've asked him several times about it now, and I don't want to keep bothering him about it both because I shouldn't have to, and I know it'd get annoying eventually.

Anyways, yeah. I can't really think of any good way to end this, but that's about all for now. Hopefully things go more according to plan tomorrow~

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