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Too Many Things to Do ;_;

I had planned on doing the following when I got home from work tonight:

[1] Read and possibly send a second reply to an email I received a couple days ago
[2] Send an email to Zaz asking him to either contact me on MSN, or by phone, in regards to our meet later today
[3] "Play" at least two of this week's Link-a-Pix puzzles over at Conceptis Puzzles.
[4] Write an entry in here.

However, it is already 5:20, and I've only started the fourth thing. I can't really do the third either, because they've already updated. As for the first and second, I might at least read that email before I go to bed, but if I end up replying to it again, it will either be in MSN, or won't be sent 'till Sunday afternoon :s And as for getting ahold of Zaz, I'm going to hope he's online tomorrow afternoon. He already said he had the day off, so he *should* be, but I still haven't gotten any confirmation from him just to say "Yes, I'll meet you at Golf & Fun". I was also thinking about waiting 'till ~8 to meet up instead, but if we have something to do before then, wh not? This'll be our *sniff* last chance to have one of these meets before Noir, Deoge, and Zaz leave for college, so it sort of makes sense to make the most out of the day.

And yes, I'm well aware it won't be the last time I ever talk to them, or have a chance to hang out (in Deoge's case), but it's still sort of funny, in an annoying way. Up until a few weeks ago, the last time I played videogames or whatever with a friend on a regular basis (I don't want to say "hang out" again, because that'd be redundant) was back when I went over to Josh's house to stay the night all those times. In between then and now, I've gotten used to just finding things to do on my own, but then suddenly I ask Deoge and Noir if they'd like to do something on the 13th, and I'm actually going out to do stuff with my friends. I'd say "again", but that may or may not make sense, so I won't. And also, yes, I do realize there's the going to London for furmeets and to see what Cola and Madius (and the other furs too, just in case) are up to, but that's where the "regular basis" thing comes in. At least three times a month, if it makes it any easier. Now, however, that's all ending just as quickly as it started, and that's the part I don't like :s

I'm sure I'll manage though, and I have *something* to look forward to, but not for a couple months. It's something that I wrote about previously, but is no longer there. Just so I'm not saying anything about it at all though, one word: spots. I've been given a bit of advice, which was to think about it and try to decide if it's something I truly want, and I definitely do plan on thinking.

As for that laptop power adapter thing, there was all of one more at Staples earlier this afternoon, which I bought. And I'm not returning it again, even after the one I ordered the other day arrives. That way, just in case the new one eventually breaks as well, I have a backup. The only thing is my present money situation...

The way I figure it, $100 should be plenty for our meet today. $50 for pizza (maybe a bit high, but planning for more is better than assuming we're only going to order so much), $30 for Golf & Fun and the Wheels, and the other $20 because, unless we're able to get a ride out there and back, our only option would be to take a cab. I'm not sure how much that'd be either, but $20 seems like it'd be enough. Upon leaving the bank on the way home from work though, I had ~$7,360 in my account. We get paid this coming week, which should put me up to 77, or 78 if I'm really lucky, but otherwise, it sort of sucks.

Then, in the second week of September or so, I plan on sending the tail I have on right now back to SPark, to get the (s)pine added (yay for inside jokes). That's only $15, which is fine. However, also consider that I'll be sending her the money for those arm warmers too (because I still do plan on getting them (why? Because they'd be something that I, quite literally, own the only pair of in the world that look just so, and I think they'd look cool as well)), which are going to cost $40. Oh, and at least $6 for shipping as well. But at this rate, I'll probably just start a Paypal transfer for that money the same day I send the tail out, and include a note in the box to say "You should either have the money already, or I'll be sending it shortly after you get this." And then if you'll recall, there was that other thing I said I planned on at least asking her about, which I'll be detailing in the same note, and asking her to let me know how much it might cost, via email, of course.

So anyways, the "Have at least $7,000 by September 23rd" still stands, but hopefully it's a bit higher than that. There are Christmas presents to start thinking about after that as well though. Erf. I realize I don't have it as bad as I could, but I still love all these things I'll be spending money on anyways :x

But with that, it's time I probably got to sleep. It's been a few days since I've actually woken up feeling rested, but there are reasons for that, so I suppose I shouldn't complain. Just before I forget though, two weird dreams I had on Tuesday night / Wednesday morning. In one, Noir was standing at the door to my room telling me to wake up because we needed to go out for our next meet, and, well, I *cough* really didn't want to, because I had other things on my mind. So still in the dream, I got up and closed the door, then almost instantly started regretting doing that, so I literally woke up, walked to my door, and opened it, intending to tell her that I was sorry, and that I'd be ready in a few minutes. After realizing just what I was doing though, I closed and locked my door again, and laid back down in bed.

In the other one, somebody who I can't remember was trying to send me an email or IM or something that I really wanted to get, and for whatever reason, I saw it take physical form, in the shape of one of those flat-sheet-of-paper sized envelopes, and somehow glide through the bricks separating the spare room from mine. There may not actually be bricks there in real life, but they were in the dream. Anyways, as I said, I badly wanted to get / read it, and to see it get stuck there was too much, so once again, I actually woke up, opened the door to the spare room, stepped into it, and turned around to look at the same part of the wall that I'd pictured in the dream. As with the above, once I finally realized where I actually was, I stepped back into my room, sat on the edge of my mattress for a minute, trying to figure out what the hell was going on (with the dreams, that is), then laid down and went back to sleep. Quite weird.

It's really time I called it a night now though, seeing a it's already quarter after six. The only thing is to figure out how I'm going to get my laptop upstairs without actually shutting it down. Perhaps the battery still has enough charge. Time to find out~...

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