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Not Quite as Planned (for the Second Time :s)

I hate to follow the same format as that *cough* other entry, but there are a couple things I want to go over before I forget them, which will be followed by an overly detailed account of the afternoon / night from my point of view.

[1] Both Lady Ozzlynn and Zaz were either no-shows, or we weren't looking for them in the right place. We waited at McDonalds for Lady Ozzlynn for ~15 minutes, and sat around outside the Wheels 'till almost 9 waiting for Zaz, which was weird, because I tried calling him, and was told that he had left about ten minutes ago. I actually feel sort of bad that we didn't meet up with him, but I tried to explain things in MSN, and will probably copy and paste that into an email as well, just to make sure he sees it. One thing I would like, before he goes away to Windsor as well, is to get together with him at Tim Hortons just so we can see each other one last time, but for now, the only times available would be before 7pm, on every single day except the 26th and 2nd, on which I'd be getting back in Chatham around 8pm for one day, and 10pm for the other.

[2] If you're reading this, Deoge, yes, I am / was aware that SPark made a full snow leopard suit for somebody else, but I never did look at the pictures. I just didn't want to say that then, because I really couldn't say why not. Suffice it to say, if you look back in here far enough, you'll find that it was something else I got all worked up about 'till a couple months after I found out about it :x To make it as easy as possible, I could look, but not only would I probably end up using things from it whether I realize I'm doing so or not when I do get to commissioning a full suit, but also, while I realize there are going to be other snow leopards out there besides me, no matter how much I wish it were otherwise, I'd rather not go looking for trouble. If I remember, I'll probably look at them after I get my own fursuit, but I know enough now to be able to say that looking before is a bad idea *shrug*

[3] It's rather amusing how quickly plans can change. Originally, I figured we'd be going to Golf & Fun at 6, then the Wheels at 8, followed by coming home and ordering pizza somewhere in between 9 and 10, and hanging out until then. That didn't exactly happen, but I already said I'm going to go over everything in a cut anyways, so I might as well do that now~

Deoge came over here at quarter to six, and the second thing he did after stepping in the door was handing me a book. The first thing was petting one of the cats, if it makes any difference. As for the book, he referred to it in his reply to that original email I sent him as the "Furry Bible". I actually haven't looked at it yet, but to my understanding, it's a book (or bible :p) that covers fursuiting. How to do it (the reply I made to one of Cola's entries about the same subject comes to mind), how to make your own paws, tails, heads, etc., care and maintenance of said items, and possibly other things too. It sounds like an interesting read, but at this point, I won't actually have a chance to read it 'till Tuesday night :s Unless I bring it to London, but I wouldn't want it to get damaged or anything.

Anyways, I checked a couple things on my laptop, then we got in the van, and went out to Golf & Fun. We waited in the little area at the front with all the picnic tables for a bit, to see if Zaz would show up, but we realized he wasn't even at home until I tried calling him again (Dad let me borrow his cell phone so I could call to be picked up when we were done). So we walked around the building and went through the door with the "Please check in at the Pro Shop for mini golf" type sign beside it. We stayed in there for a couple minutes, and Deoge even called out "Hello?", but nobody came to the desk, so we went outside again, walked around to the other side of the building, and saw, not too far off in the distance, putters, and a bucket of golf balls. Let's just say we played through the entire course without paying ^^; Should somebody have come out and asked us what we were doing, we were ready to pay, but nobody did, so meh. After that, I called Mom to tell her we were ready to be picked up, then we walked over to the swings, and, well, swung on those for a bit. I only did for a minute, because I didn't want my tail to drag behind me and thus get dusty and dirty, and I didn't want to have it squished in beside me for fear of matting the fur, and messing up the stuffing / filling. Perhaps I worry too much, but it was the same tail I'm going to be sending to SPark in a couple weeks, and thus I'd like to keep it as clean as possible.

We got back home at ~7:30, and as before we left, the first thing I did was walking over to my laptop to see if Zaz had said anything. And he had. Apparently he was moving some stuff down to Windsor earlier this afternoon, but was back (obviously), so I tried calling him again. Was told he was there, and, by the time I hung up, was told that he'd be meeting us at the Wheels around 8. So off we went again, but not before running out to the kitchen to grab a glass of water, and upstairs to put a different pair of shorts on (don't ask) :s We arrived at McDonalds almost exactly at 8 though, and both ordered a flurry (Deoge, however, got a small order of fries too, which he was dipping into his...), and waited. For 15 minutes, as I said up there. After coming to the conclusion that Lady Ozzlynn was likely not going to show up, and in hopes that Zaz was still waiting for us, we left for the Wheels. The only thing of interest that happened when we got there was the same girl(s) as before telling me they wanted my tail. Once again, I'm glad you like it, but it is mine <3 Oh, and also on the way there, some random lady on a motorcycle (apparently - I didn't see her) said she either liked or loved it. And now I know that, next time somebody says something like that, I should wave at them. Seems sort of silly, because to me, waving is a way of saying "Hi", and responding to "I like / love your tail" with that one word is, well, rather incongruent :s

The bowling alley looked fairly busy as well though, so we went outside, and I tried calling Zaz again, and got the same voice as before. I assume it was his Mom, but either way, they said he left about ten minutes ago, asked if we were at the Wheels, and said that he should be there then. So we sat down and waited. The only thing I can remember being asked then was "So what, you just want leopard spots?" in reference to the tattoo thing in that other entry. It was brought up again shortly after that, and *apparently* a simple "Ah..." means "I don't want to talk about it." What it was supposed to mean was that his first question sounded more like "That's really all you want...?" But either he'll read this, and that'll be cleared up for now, or I'll just mention it when I reply to that email again. And for what it's worth, yes, that's all I want, *for now*, so just in case I want something else however long after that, neither of us can say "But I thought the spots were all you / I wanted?" Yesh.

So we waited outside 'till ~8:50, then went back into the bowling alley to play one game. Before we even got to that, however, Noir, and another guy who I now know it Nate walked up. See, they were already at the Wheels for a wedding, and decided to come over and say hi or something. The three of them talked for a bit, during which I heard my last name mentioned several times. First time was "He doesn't drink" because they wanted Deoge to head over to Noir's house once we were done to drink. And the second time was "He doesn't have to drink", and thus it was decided that we'd be going over there afterwards. To be honest, that was the second time I started wondering if we'd still end up back here to order pizza. The first was when I was talking to Deoge on MSN earlier in the afternoon, and Nate either called or texted him about it.

Anyways, I did slightly better than last time (my final score was still 88, if I remember correctly though ;_;), but Deoge got two strikes right from the beginning, which was an interesting start to the game :p

We left there at 9:30, and the first thing I was asked before we even got outside was "So do you want to head over to Noir's house too?", to which my answer was "Yes", mostly because I was made to believe that'd be over by 10:30, because she had to go to bed. That turned out to not be true, but apparently there was a fair bit of confusion involved on their end anyways, so meh. We walked across the street to the gas station, where I bought a can of Red Bull and a bag of sour cherries, and Deoge bought 2 cans of "Red Rain", a bottle of Diet Pepsi, and a can of regular Pepsi, I think. I know for a fact what we bought isn't really important, but I can remember, so it's going in here ^^;

From there, we walked over to Noir's house. Well, actually, the closest to where we thought her house was. Walking up to those two sets of train tracks closer to Park Ave., I was told something interesting though. Apparently Deoge and Noir were talking about *me* some night in the past couple days, about what I said in regards to feeling left about the drinking stuff in that other entry. I'm not sure exactly what they said (and honestly, I don't think I'd want to know, because that'd be really awkward), but what he did mention was that they were, well, scheming to, some night in the future, get me quite drunk, and tell my parents all about it :s Perhaps I'm setting myself up for something I'll end up regretting, but I'll say this: I will try anything once, as long as I either don't have to pay for it, or am splitting the cost with someone else. With the one exception of anything drug / smoking related.

Moving on though, since neither of us could remember exactly where on Wedgewood she lived, we sat down on some large green box in the middle of the grass next to the sidewalk. A power transformer or something like that. Well, both the box, and the grass, because the ground is much softer and more comfortable than a big box made out of metal :p Deoge got either another call or text from Nate to say that they were on their way, so we figured we wouldn't be waiting too much longer. For reference, it was about 10:00 at that point. They still hadn't showed up by ~10:15, so he sent a message to Nate asking them whether they were driving or walking (a good thing to know), and we waited some more. 'Till almost 10:30, to be exact, at which point we got tired of waiting, and started walking back towards Park Ave. Just as we rounded the corner, somebody phoned him. Nate, of course, although I can't remember exactly what he had to say. I know I was asked if I just wanted to go home and order pizza, or head back and wait for them again, but before I had a chance to answer, they literally pulled up right behind us and opened the back door of the car, so we got in, and were driven back down the street again, and found that Noir was already at home waiting for us :s

From there, we first went down into the basement, then all the way up to Noir's room so she could show us her collection of manga, graphic novels (assuming the two things are different), and her collection of weaponry :p Went back down to the basement again, obviously, where we sat down and talked for a bit, and I played with Suki (one of their cats) ^^ I don't remember exactly what was said after that, but I do know I was asked about my tail twice. First time was by Nate, and I said that it was just something I wanted to do, and that it was hard to explain (I defy anyone to come up for a short, non-awkward explanation of what the whole furry fandom is about without having to use the word "anthropomorphic"), and apparently he wants one too. The second time was by another girl that was there (I can't remember her name), and apparently I'm her hero for having it or something. Doesn't exactly make sense, because I figure she'd have seen Noir's first, but meh.

After that, well, we ordered pizza, watched Nate get backhanded in the face by / with a closed fist, talked some more, and played Guitar Hero II. Once again, the fact that I can play expert with a controller is amazing, so yay ^^ And Nate made some sort of "I can't believe you can do that" comment too, but I can't remember exactly what he said. Oh, and apparently he knows me from CCI. There was only one guy that ever watched me play Golden Sun on the computers in the library at lunch, and it's hard to believe that was actually him :s And once again, it's amazing how, despite thinking you've never met somebody before, there's a good chance you knew and talked to them in the past, and haven't seen them since then.

At about 1:00 (I think) though, the four of us (Noir, Deoge, Nate, and me) went outside, and sat down at the picnic table, where we talked about quite a few things, most of them not usual everyday talk (I guess the being drunk had something to do with it though), poked each other with sticks, watched Nate pass out, and had the three of them pet my tail. In a few words, we just had fun and hung out for a couple hours. And Nate said one other (slightly embarrassing) thing about how, out of Adam, Naomi, and me, I was probably the coolest one. I really don't know what to say to things like that, and like with the talking about unconventional topics, it might have had something to do with how drunk he was :p

We wrapped things up at 3 though, said our "Good Night"s and such, then Deoge and I left for home. Well, Harvey street, then he left for home, and I continued on to the house by myself from there.

I *said* it was going to be extremely detailed ^^; All in all it was a fun night, even though things didn't go exactly as I expected them too, but that's sort of what made it fun anyways (just "going with the flow", if you will).

Unfortunately, it's already ~6:20 though, and I wanted to be in the shower by 6, so I have one more thing to write, then this is going to be done, because I want to be up for noon tomorrow.

If I didn't know any better, I'd say that power adapter I bought at Staples yesterday is different than the other one. Why? Because for the whole entire night now, it hasn't once stopped charging / needing to run off the battery. I wish I remembered how many volts that other one was, for that very reason. My laptop requires 120 (I think) to both run and charge at the same time, and on the back of the adapter, the variance (to use that word) is 100 - 240 volts, which is definitely what I need. So yay :3 Now I know buying another one wasn't a complete waste of money. But also on the topic of money (I know I said there was only going to be one more thing, but meh), as I said yesterday, when we first set out this afternoon, I had $100. As of right now, there is still ~$85 left of that. I still plan on bringing my debit card with me to London just in case I need it, but I really can't see that happening thus far ^^

Anyways, it's time I posted this and went upstairs. I'm not going to make the same mistake as last time, and go to bed too early, but I do need to get *some* sleep~

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