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It is Not Fun Waking up At Noon

Never got to having a shower before going to bed, so I set both the alarm clock on my dresser, and one online (I obviously can't check the link right now, but you should be able to find it by searching Google for "Kukuklok") to go off at noon, and they did. That'd be fine if it wasn't ~7:30 by the time I got to sleep :s I wouldn't have even known I had either, if I wasn't able to remember having a dream where Penny (from Heart and Stroke) was telling me that Cola and Madius wouldn't be in London. Something like "Oh, sorry hon, but he's / they're gone".

So yeah. I woke up, had a shower, went back into my room and sent Deoge that "Bad roommate" link I posted a while back, because he was talking about his last night, and apparently if he says anything about his fursuit, he's going to injure him, at very least. Carried on a small chat with him, and for now, either I'm going to look for that picture of whoever got those leopard spots tattooed on their back when I get to London, or he's going to search for it later on his own. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if there was more than one picture of it, but like I said however long ago it was, I got to page ~200 of the results for "snow leopard" and couldn't look at any more because I was well past extremely annoyed. Erf.

And then I also talked to Zaz, and found out that he left at ~8:30, but the way things are looking right now, we will have a chance to meet up before he goes off to Windsor, which is really all I want, so that works.

Otherwise today, I've installed Mungyodance 3, but I'm going to wait 'till later to actually play it (not only is my battery down at 34%, but the game also requires the volume to be turned up, and I can't exactly do that on the train. Well, I *could*, but that would be inconsiderate. Made a bit of a mistake and walked into the wrong part of the train when I got on as well. It seemed a bit odd at first, because instead of serving the usual snacks like candy and such, there was bread, wine, and other fancy foods :p Oh, and they were handing out menus too. Strange. But I'm in what I presume to be the proper section now, so meh~

I'm going to save this now though, because the little battery icon in the system tray has gone from half full to almost completely empty, and I should probably tidy up my desktop before we get to London as well ,because there are icons all over the place. Still about half an hour before we're supposed to be getting there though, so that's plenty of time :3

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