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Nothing Out of the Ordinary Thus Far...

Today has gone pretty much alright, I suppose. Getting to London went exactly the same as before, up to and including having to stop about halfway there to wait for one of the other train to pass by :s Upon arriving here though, I walked up to the same bus stop I waited at before, and sat down. The bus pulled up eventually, so I got on, and asked if it / they were going by Adelaide. From what the driver said, he hasn't been there in about two years :x Thinking back now, chances are it was just the wrong bus, but as opposed to sitting down and waiting for even longer, I walked over to Adelaide, and on the way there had some kid ask if he could take a picture of my tail. Couldn't see any harm in it (because he literally took a picture of just the tail), so I said "Yeah, sure", and continued on my way after that. Oh, and some other guy just outside the train station asked me what was with it, because just that other guy said last time I was here, he used to go to raves and everybody was dressed up. All I asked him is if he knew what it meant to be furry, and he really didn't pursue it after that, so meh. At most, he'll remember the word, look it up online, and be either shocked or intrigued :p

And actually, there were three times other than that where it was pointed out as well. One was at Via Rail in Chatham, by some older lady who asked me if I had a dog beside me or something, and of course I'm trying not to say "It's a tail" *too* loudly, because everybody else in there was being nice and quiet ;_; She seemed satisfied with that for all of ten seconds, then asked "Is it a dog tail?" No. If you really want to be that general about it, it's a cat tail, thanks ^^; Then another kid at Tim Hortons earlier asked me if I knew it was there (why does that seem to be the most common thing to ask?). I said yes, and he left with a "WTF?" look on his face, then I turned towards the counter and placed my order~ The last time was as I was walking along Dundas to Adelaide. Several girls said they liked it, then started laughing just as soon as I began walking across the street (I was waiting for the light to turn green), so another "meh" should suffice for that.

Those two paragraphs ended up being long enough though, so this other stuff is going behind a cut.

[1] Before we even pulled out of the driveway earlier today, Mom asked me a question. To quote her exactly "So are you going to your furry group, or to visit Josh?" It's, umm... nice, but unusual to see them using the word :s But I explained that I only might visit Josh, but I'll probably leave that 'till next week. I'm here from Monday 'till Wednesday then, and as long as he has nothing to do Wednesday afternoon, and the departure time on my train ticket permits, we could probably get together then. I was actually thinking earlier about adding him in Pidgin, and saying "Hey, I'm actually in London right now ^^ Are you doing anything?" But no. Not this time, anyways.

[2] Mungyodance 3. It's alright thus far, but the new life system is weird. In the second one, the only thing resembling a life meter / bar is the percentage you get at the end of the song, and that's just what percent of the arrows you hit. In Mungyodance 3, however, you're only allowed to miss, say, 30 notes in a given song. That number can vary (I've seen it as high as 100 so far), but yeah. And it's worth mentioning that you can get it to increase by 1 for every combo of 50 you get, and by 2 for holding, well, hold notes / arrows down 'till they end. At least that's what I've seen, but I've only played it for an hour at most, so chances are I haven't seen everything yet.

[3] This thought came to me as we were passing through either the outer part of London, or one of the cities outside of it (if there are any). And it's in no way relevant to what I usually write in here, but it was sort of intriguing, so yes.

Looking out the window of the train, I could see houses along the road, and several cars and vans driving past, as you might expect. I reasoned that in most of those houses, there had to be a husband, wife, and at least one kid (or child), and I couldn't help but wonder what it'd be like to combine all the experiences they've had, everything they know, and essentially every detail of their lives. Can you imagine what it'd be like to be able to access all that information? Even for just one city, such as London, since it's appropriate in this case. Hell, even one *street*. Just to be able to to collectively share the entirety of your knowledge, and all the things you've done / had happen in your life with everybody around you. It'd be absolutely ridiculous, in the amazing sort of way.

Then again, I was tired, and perhaps it could just be said that I get philosophical when I get tired, so yeah. A couple similar things have crossed my mind before as well, being trying to imagine what it'd be like to know literally everything about everything (I'd try to give examples, but it's difficult enough to think of everything that's even remotely related to, say, computers), and also, what it'd be like to see and hear everything that goes on around the whole world in a given day. It would be physically impossible to do such a thing (as an example, while I'm sitting here at 5:20 in the morning writing this, there are undoubtedly things going on and taking place somewhere else in London), but the thought is, as with those other two things, quite something.

The initial one was just just an interesting thought though, and I figured I'd write about it in here instead of just forgetting about it.

Anyways, as I just mentioned in that cut, it's already 5:20, so I need to at least lay down and get tired more quickly. There's a fly buzzing around here too (that I'm almost certain Madius let in earlier while he was trying to shoo another bug out) that's getting extremely annoying, o perhaps laying down on the couch mattress thing will help with that too. Time to find out~

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