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London Looks So Cool at Night <3

Before I even begin writing this entry, a note about the music. I'm not actually listening to it, seeing as I'm on the train right now, but it's one of my favorite songs from Mungyodance 3 thus far, and, unsurprisingly (given that), it is stuck in my head ^^ Specifically the "You will be baked, and then there will be cake... The weighted companion cube cannot speak" bit.

Anyways, yes. To be completely honest, there was actually one thing I didn't enjoy about the past three days. I forgot to bring that double-sided tape along. See, I wrapped my laptop in a t-shirt before putting in in the backpack, mainly to prevent anything from happening to the fur, and also just in case I pulled it out too fast, because the zipper might scratch it or something. But apparently it still shifted around enough that the fur around the edges came unstuck, but meh. There's still plenty of it at home, so if worse comes to worse, I'll stick the fur down again with new tape.

I'm probably going to end up doing another one of those "Here's everything that happened from the beginning to the end" type things, but that can wait for now, because there's at least one other topic I'd like to cover first. And besides, to do something like that requires concentration, and concentration requires silence, which there really isn't any of on this train. It's quieter than the train here (that could be attributed to how it's almost 10pm though), but the train itself is making enough noise.

So, first thing. As I said in the entry before last, I told Deoge he could probably find pictures of the sort of leopard-spot tattoo I want, and sure enough, when I finally figured it was a good time to ask Cola for their wireless key, the little GMail Notifier thing appeared. Subject was "Tattoo's" (yesh, with the apostrophe ;_;), and there were several images in it, of pictures he found as well as a couple additional ideas he thought I'd like. Let me say this straight out: while I'm open to suggestion, I, right now, want the spots on my back, from just above the top of my shirt (so you'd be able to see some of one or two) down to either slightly below my waistline, or all the way to my tailbone, depending on whether or not that's any extra. And then at an unspecified date after that, *possibly* more along my arms, right up to the point where they extend just a bit past my shirt sleeves, so, as with my neck, you'd be able to see them regardless of whether I was wearing a shirt or not. Mind you, the only times I don't wear a shirt are when it's really hot out (and I still put one on before going outside), and when I'm getting ready to go to bed / sleeping.

The obvious problems thus far are money, and finding some way to tell Mom and Dad that I want that, and to ask if they have any problems / what they think of it. I have one idea for the latter that I'll probably try tomorrow (it involves them asking me a certain question first), and as for the money, it's sort of silly of me to have overlooked it, but Deoge mentioned it didn't necessarily have to be done all in one session, and thus I could pay, say, $300 for it one day, get half done, and go back once I have more money to get the rest of it done. I've also been toying around with the idea of having brown shading inside the spots, and / or white shading around some of them too. Brown would probably be better though, because the white wouldn't really look good with skin right "next" to it. Feh.

Oh wow, that's loud :s Some guy just came on the speaker to say that Chatham would be coming up in about ten minutes, and apparently they need to make it as loud as possible, just in case somebody's asleep that needs to get off at the next stop. Sort of a funny coincidence, because I am feeling rather tired, but that feeling will probably have disappeared by the time I get home. I suppose I should probably pack this up for now though~


So I'm back at home again. It's truly a weird feeling sending a couple messages to Cola in Pidgin, for thinking that I was just there only two hours ago. And a message on LiveJournal to Stitch, just to sort of pester him about something he said ^^;

This is probably going to take a while to write though, so without further ado, three cuts for three days.

It was quite a while ago now (and I'm trying to remember without looking back at the entry I posted then), but as best as I can remember, I woke up at noon, and chatted with Deoge and Zaz 'till ~1:20. And I obviously started getting things packed up too. Went downstairs shortly before 1:30, planning to find a small snack to eat, but both Mom and Dad were down there, and they said they'd give me a ride to the train station when I was ready. So I went back into the living room and talked to Deoge for a little bit longer, and did a couple other random things on my laptop, then we were off.

Nothing out of the ordinary happened at Via Rail, except an old(er) lady sitting in front of me (well, one or two seats over, to be technical) asking if I had a dog next to me. My tail, obviously. Tried to say "It's a tail" without being too loud, because everybody else was busy reading or whatever, and were being quiet as a result. Then she asked if it was a dog tail, and thankfully somebody she was travelling with came in and told her to come sit outside because the train was coming. The train ride was uneventful too, except instead of going to the left when I got on, I went to the right, and found myself in the much nicer part. Figured that it must have just been a different train than the one I took last time, so I sat down, and thought nothing else of it until I was handed a menu :s Said menu was taken back as soon as my ticket was checked. Apparently I was supposed to "be in coach", so I had to walk back to the other section with, quite literally, my tail in between my legs ;_; And then in between the two cars, I didn't realize you just had to push a thing on the door to open it, so I just sort of hauled on the thing for about ten seconds, and *then* I looked down at the sign :s After that, there was just one annoying thing, where somebody up in front of me was listening to music either with headphones that weren't very good, or that weren't working at all.

Got to London around 3:30, and walked up to Dundas just like before, however this time, I didn't randomly get stopped by some random guy wanting money so he could go back to be with his [insert racial slur here]s. I did, however, get stopped by somebody just outside Via Rail, who, predictably, wanted to know what the tail was about. Same thing as the guy in the bus stop last time I was there. He used to go to raves, and everybody would be dressed up (in fursuits, I guess), and although he didn't actually say it, I guess he wanted to know if that's what I was doing. Would you believe I have a tail just because I want to? I've never been to a rave, and although I wouldn't rule it out (referring back to that "I'll try anything once" thing), but I don't have more than one of them hanging up at home in hopes that I do go to something like that.

But yeah. Sat down at the same bus stop, and waited for what I thought was the same bus, but it's a good thing I asked the driver if he was going to Adelaide, because apparently he hadn't been there in two years :x As opposed to sitting back down and waiting for the proper bus though, I started walking. As such, I now have to say "Screw taking the bus *all* the way there". If it's really hot out, sure, but even walking to Adelaide was nice. The walk to Kipps Lane is definitely too far though, so I took the bus, and walked from about halfway in between the intersection at Adelaide and Kipps and Wendys to the apartment. I'm not sure if it's possible to get off closer than that, but a short walk is good for stretching your legs ^^

I'm going to have to guess Cola and Madius forgot that I was coming though. The first time I took the train there, a simple "It's me" was enough to be buzzed in, but this time, I had to tell them who it was ;_; If only I was more used to saying my name... I was up to the apartment within a couple minutes though, so obviously I did say it, but it still sounds a bit weird coming out of *my* mouth. Fun. As it would happen though, I got there just as they were leaving to do a couple things, so I sat down until they left, then pulled out my laptop. Why wait? Because I don't want to make it look like that's the first thing I'm concerned with doing upon getting there. But no sooner than I had time to log in, and Madius opened the door again. He asked if I was interested in seeing Tropic Thunder, and I told him I had already seen in on Wednesday. Truth be told, I wouldn't have minded seeing it again, but I'd like to use those movie certificates we were given at work for that, and I left them at home. The only other thing I forgot was my pair of shorts that don't have a large hole right in between the legs, but I'll remember them next time :p

So yeah. I got called a mean name, then he left again, leaving me to go back to what I had been doing. I was quickly reminded the key for their wireless network that my laptop had saved was the wrong one, so I pulled my Neocube out, and played with it for a bit, then got bored, and decided to try Mungyodance 3. No sooner had I done that, and they walked back in.

I can't really remember what happened after that, but I know I heard Madius ask "Do we have a towel for Kar?" What do I need a towel for? Are we going swimming? The only other plausible option is the shower, and using somebody else's is one of those things that just seems weird no matter which way you look at it, unless you're going out to some sort of formal event. Unfortunately, I was never given a towel, so I'll probably never find the answer to that question :x The next thing I remember being told after that was their plans to watch a movie. Night Watch. It was actually pretty good, but sort of difficult to follow about ten minutes after the introduction :s Once that was over, they went off to do their own things, and I mentioned possibly going out to get snacks "later". By my definition, that's after midnight, at earliest, and it was only ~9 then, so I figured there was still plenty of time, but sure enough, Cola walked around the corner about half an hour later to ask when I was thinking of going. Obviously the first thing I said was "In a bit, I guess. Do you have to go to bed?" As it turned out, they had plans to watch the second movie ("Day Watch"), and were waiting for me to get back ^^; So I went down to Tim Hortons and bought a box of 20 Timbits (10 sour cream glazed, 10 old fashion sugar) and a walnut crunch donut, and then to the Hasty Mart, for a litre bottle of Pepsi, a bag of M&Ms chocolate covered almonds, a bag of bugles, a bag of snack mix, and one of those big-size Mr. Big bars. I know it was an awful lot to get, but I figured that way, I wouldn't have to worry about going during the meet like I have all the other times I've been there. As things turned out though, I didn't touch any of that stuff 'till after the movie was over, and I missed most of the movie anyways because I was chatting with Noir and Deoge. Erf.

Oh, and I almost forgot. Before we had started watching Night Watch, Bob and Deramin came in (I can say the second name because I knew you before (although I actually know *who* you are now ^^), but using Bob's sounds a bit weird...), either to just hang out, or for the movie as well, so once the second one finished, the four of us talked for a bit (or so I seem to remember), then they left, Cola and Madius went off to do their own stuff, and I went back to Mungyodance and other things on my laptop. That kept me busy straight through to ~6 (yesh), at which point I decided to call it a night, folded out the couch, laid out the blankets, and got comfortable <3

Right from the beginning, I have to say that sleeping can be quite difficult when there isn't any background noise. To be fair, there was the air conditioner (or "fan" for the setting it was on), but it wasn't making quite as much noise as I was used to. If my external hard drive hadn't been tucked in next to the chair all the way across the room, I would've plugged it in and put a song on, but I really didn't have the presence of mind to do that.

So anyways, I woke up once at 9, and as I do at home, opened my laptop a bit to see if anything interesting had happened (interesting being updates needing to be installed, emails or IMs being received, etc.). There was only one email at the time though, from Lady Ozzlynn, to say what happened on Saturday. Apparently she got a call from her Mom at work to say that her cat wasn't doing too well because of some medicine she gave it (or something like that), so she (Lady Ozzlynn) took the rest of the day off to care for it. Sent a quick reply to that,and went back to sleep. Woke up again around 11, and did the same thing. Nothing new that time, so I went back to sleep 'till ~2. Upon first waking up, I noticed my laptop was no longer connected to the internet, so I tried doing the repair thing and all that, and rebooted twice, all to no avail, so I gave up and started playing Mungyodance 3, which only lasted for half an hour or so because it started working again. After once again checking things over, I got up and walked around for a bit, during which I noticed a note on the board in the kitchen. Something like "Keys are on the [?]side table". The question mark was either "2eer", "2oor", "Deer", or "Door". Probably the latter, because there were indeed keys on the table beside the door, so after some thinking about where I wanted to go, as well as checking to make sure I could lock and unlock the doors, I set out for KFC and Tim Hortons (yes, again). Came back with a large order of popcorn chicken, another box of 20 timbits (10 chocolate, 6 raspberry, 4 old fashion sugar), and a double chocolate donut (yay for specificity), all of which got promptly tucked into the fridge because Cola had presumably gotten off work and come home since I had left, and the first thing he told me was what we were having for supper :s Ham (I *think*), and rice, which was quite good ^^ Just before we finished eating, there was a knock on the door, and the first couple furs that were there for the meet walked in. They were closely followed by two more, one of which who I'm sure I've seen there before, and his friend, presumably. He (I'm pretty sure his name is Runa) came right over to look at the screen on my laptop, turned to his friend, and said "He's playing Mungyodance 3!"

Never before has somebody made such a big deal about the fact that I play StepMania / Mungyodance with one, well, paw (it was at a furmeet, I'm furry, therefore, it's a paw, not a hand ^^;). I've watched at least one movie that demonstrates how much faster you can go by using two, but I've been playing the same way since I first downloaded StepMania, so meh. More time passed, and several more furs showed up, until it was 7:30, at which point we had a large enough group to go out to the park, so we did. On the way there, I got asked my species once again (I have a white tail with leopard spots. Is it not obvious?) by Runa. He asked the first time I was there (when Cola actually came down here and picked me up), and quite possibly last time I was there too, because he made a comment along the lines of "I ask you every time I see you, but...". If there's something else you want to ask, go ahead :p I'm really no good with small talk, so don't expect me to say much unless it's something specific. Just seemed a bit odd to me *shrug*

We tossed a / the frisbee around at the park for a good 10 minutes, which was actually pretty fun, but either Cola or Stitch said it'd be even better to get a glow-in-the-dark one, and toss it around in the middle of the night, and I have to agree ^^ That went on for about 10 minutes though, at which point the frisbee got to be hated enough that a football was brought in, and several of the furs sat down, including me. I can't speak for them but I did because although I could probably catch it, I can't throw a football, and while being laughed at / with by other furries wouldn't be such a big deal, I'd rather avoid it if possible. So enough of us sat down that there were only four of them left, shortly after which we decided to head back to the apartment. Sure enough, just as I had a chance to walk around the corner, I saw somebody put my laptop back down on the table :p Yay for Windows Key + L ^^. Not to make it sound like I don't trust them with it, but if I'm leaving myself logged into Pidgin, all those tabs in Firefox open, and having several other things going at the time, I'm definitely switching users to ensure nothing happens. I is paranoid :x

Anyways, for the first part of the meet, we watched Serenity (I'm pretty sure), and once that was done, all went off to do our own things. Runa brought his PS3, so he set Rock Band up on that, I played more Mungyodance (which garnered a "Dude, that is [expletive] amazing" from somebody behind me) and looked at random sites with StumbleUpon, and some of the other furs chatted amongst themselves. Some time after that, the door opened, and somebody else walked in, who I can only assume was squnq. Feels sort of weird calling him by that name too, because everybody else was saying "Bobby", but meh. If it was the same guy, I definitey do not remember him :s Moving on, I stood up, and walked into the kitchen to get some more water (I'd rinsed out that Pepsi bottle and was using it :p), then walked back over to where I had been and sat down in about the same spot. Several minutes, or possibly more than that passed by, and I heard somebody ask "Who's that?", and the response was "Oh, that's Karadur", more than likely from Stitch, because he was one of two that were sitting on the couch behind me. The other one was squnq (or Bobby, once again), so yay ^^; Some time after that, Cooper decided she wanted to show everyone a movie of Einstein the Parrot, but I was too wrapped up in whatever I was doing, because, in order to get my attention, she said "Kitty" twice, then "Hey Kar!" before I finally realized she was talking to me and looked up ;_;

I really can't remember the exact order of events from there, but I eventually played a couple songs on the guitar in Rock Band, which was interesting because I've never played the game before. I still prefer Guitar Hero, mainly for the hyperspeed thing. Meh. But that was eventually turned off because Cooper had gone downstairs to grab their 360 and Soul Calibur IV. At that point, I went back to doing random stuff on my laptop, and got a message from Deoge in short order about still being up :p Things slowly dwindled from there, and pretty much everybody had taken off by 2. There were only the three of us left, and one other fur who was trying to decide if he wanted to stay "here" (either at the same apartment, or with Cooper and Strype), but apparently somebody else thought he was going to give them a ride home, and took off, after the obligatory hugs ^^ After that, Cola and Madius went off to get ready for bed, I guess, and I didn't see them for at least half an hour, so I put a movie on, planning to watch something and eat the food I had bought earlier in the day. Sat down and watched all the beginning stuff, and about halfway through that, Madius walked out into the kitchen, so from then 'till about 4, I kept peeking down the hallway to check if the lights were off :x I really need to not be so worried about either of them asking what I'm doing, because chances are it's nothing more than just "What are you up to?" Oh well. And then about halfway through the movie I stopped paying attention to it anyways. It's just nice to have background noise, I guess.

As with Sunday night, I decided I was ready for bed at 6, and laid down once again.

Once again, it's surprisingly difficult trying to fall back asleep after waking up without some sort of background noise. I don't want to say my dreams are noisy or anything like that, but it was too quiet to just roll over and nod off again. Even more so after the fan was turned off, but I managed, and woke up at ~2 to see Madius doing something or other off in front of me. He asked what time I got to sleep, and what time the train left that night, and I answered, but it was sort of weird. Cola was saying something on Sunday night about how it takes him an hour to get ready to get out of bed after he wakes up. I, on the other hand, am up and awake as soon as I open my eyes (90% of the time), but I still sound like I'm half asleep when I talk. Thus, "I went to bed at six o'clock" came out all slurred, but my answer to the second question was slightly better. He went off to do something down the hallway, leaving me to get dressed again. Now, I'm not sure what it was, but my socks were really damp :x Ever so slightly cold, too, but I put them on anyways, as well as my pants and a shirt.

Then I started getting everything packed up, just to have it done ahead of time, followed by folding the cushion / mattress back into the couch, and folding up the blankets. Watched him (Madius) play more of that .hack game, this time involving searching for ghosts, and looked at my normal start-of-the-day stuff on my laptop. That carried on 'till 4, when he asked if I was hungry. Thus, we set off for Wendys, and Shoppers so he could pick up a package that was unfortunately from his Mom ^^; Obviously, I went out with my tail, and sure enough, on the way home, we passed by a girl on the sidewalk who laughed. Said something to Madius about it, and he responded with "That's going to happen when you go out in public" or something like that. Well of course it's going to. Just a random observation. And then one of the employees asked what it was all about, and I just told them "It's just something I want to do. It's sort of hard to explain", followed by her saying that she thought it was a tradition or ritual or something :x But on we continued to the apartment, where Madius played more of his game, and Cola started to get supper ready because they were having some guests. Had I known supper was being planned as well, I would've ordered something smaller at Wendys, but oh well. The three of us did our own things once again 'till 7, at which point said guests knocked on the door and walked in. Stitch, and I'm not sure how the other guy's name was spelled, but I'm going to guess it's either "Sunie", or "Suny". We talked for a bit, but all I can remember being asked was if I had fun at the furmeet. Yes, I did ^^

The food was brought out about 10 minutes after they arrived, and we all continued talking while we weren't eating :p I'm still not sure exactly what it was we had, but there were perogies, nachos, ground beef, and some sort of spice. It was quite good too, but unfortunately something in it didn't agree with me. Once we'd all finished eating, another movie was put on. "Clue". A joke was made beforehand about how I'd be going home all pissed off because the movie would still be going when we had to leave (Cola would end up giving me a ride to the train station), and thus I wouldn't be able to see the end (apparently everything gets wrapped up in the last ten minutes), but I watched about the first* ten minutes of it before having to go to the bathroom, for the same thing as before. Very uncomfortable pain, and, well *cough*gas*cough* :x I should've just stayed in there, because I ended up having to go back a second time, but I didn't want to be in the bathroom for a half hour and have them start wondering what I was doing and if anything was wrong ;_; And sure enough, by the time whatever the hell that was passed, I had all of ~five minutes left in which to shut down my laptop, pack everything else up, and be off. Not before being asked if I would be up next week, saying goodbye and that I'd see them in less than a week, and putting my shoes on because I forgot to do that.

On the way to the train station, Cola asked me if I knew for a fact I would be coming up next week, which was sort of odd because I asked him in MSN before anything if those dates worked for him, and he said yes. But perhaps it was because he's trying to get an idea of how many furs will be attending (for it is a fursuiting event, after all), and thus see if they'll be able to get the group rate or not. The drive was fun too though, because there was one street where he started driving down the other lane, leaving me to wonder if it really was a one-way street, or if he had just completely gone insane or something :s

Got to Via Rail at ~9:20 though, said "Bye" to him, just about fell backward trying to get out of the car, then went inside, sat down, and waited for the train. I made sure to ask which way I had to go that time, then found a seat, sat down, and that's about where this entry starts.

All in all though, it was really fun, so yay ^^

If I had to pick one part of the whole three days that I liked the most, it would be during the furmeet. Despite three or four different things going on at once, I couldn't help but to look around and think to myself "This is definitely where I belong". Not at that apartment in London, but just among / around furries. I know it's a cheesy thing to say, but that's the best way I can put it.

Anyways though, this has gone on for well over long enough now, so that'll be it. 'Till the 31st, at any rate :3

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