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I Hope that Hasn't Happened...

Those two CDs I bought were shipped out yesterday afternoon. Before going to bed, I checked the tracking page for them once again, and saw that they were already quite far along. Perhaps it's something to do with it being a small package, which means it gets treated as a letter or something. Anyways, I checked the page again upon waking and deciding to stay up, and was surprised to see that it was already listed as having been delivered.

So I got dressed, came down here, and saw nothing in the living room, which is where my Neocube was put when it arrived. There's nothing in the dining room either, except that it's a hell of a lot messier than it was when I left, and there's now even more stuff stacked on top of the printer / scanner. I should probably take it off, actually, because it's probably not the smartest idea :x

Anyways, there's nothing in the kitchen either. Well, there is a toaster oven, which I'm not sure why they felt the need to buy, but it was there before I left on Sunday, so meh. No packages or anything though. Finally, after checking the mailbox and finding that there was nothing in it either (I should've figured), I remembered something. The "Your order has been shipped" email I got just listed our address, with no specific name.

Thus, there is the chance that someone (say, Naomi) saw the package before me, and, not being able to find any name on it, decided "I'm going to open this then", and took the CDs for herself. Now, one would hope that the cover of the first CD is enough of a giveaway that it's meant for me, but I'm waiting for them to get home so I can ask. Oh, and I have one other thing to bring up too, but I need Mom or Dad for that.

And I will eventually be editing that other entry too, but as opposed to trying to cram *four* days worth of stuff into one entry, I figure this one can be separate ^^;