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About Two Hours Ago...

As I said a couple entries back, Madius and I went to Wendys for lunch on Tuesday. There's a bunch of text on the back of the receipt that, in sum, says if you either call them or visit their website and complete a survey within 48 hours or your visit, you'll be given a code to write on the receipt, which you can then bring back to the same Wendys (or so I would assume) and redeem it for a free small frosty. There are, however, two caveats. For one, it's valid up to 14 days after you complete the survey, but you're only given 48 hours after your visit to take it.

To be honest, that's alot of work to do for a small frosty though, and chances are I'll go to Wendys when I'm there next week, complete the survey, and catch the bus outside of Wendys on Tuesday afternoon :3 That's the only thing I don't like about it thus far. For whatever reason, I opted for the ~6pm departure time, which means I'm going to have to leave the apartment at 4:30 or so. Erf. There's still three days between now and Sunday though, so meh. No sense worrying about it right now.

Otherwise, things that have changed and happened since yesterday afternoon.

[1] Those CDs were found, not by me, but Naomi. Apparently Dad decided to put the envelope on the laundry hamper outside of my room, but there was also a pile of laundry that I left in the dryer there as well, so it must've fallen behind or something. But meh. I have them now, and have ripped all the tracks, and scanned the front and inside covers, back cover, *and* the CDs ^^ I still have to rename the tracks from "Heartmender" and remove the stuff the program I used to rip the songs put into the comment fields, but that won't take too long.

[2] As you might expect, as soon as I want to show Mom the picture of that leopard spot tattoo and tell / ask them "What would you say if I wanted to get something like that?", they're out running around ;_; I'm don't exactly like the thought of having to ask them, but it is something they might have other thoughts about, obviously, and just getting it done and letting them find out for themselves wouldn't turn out well :x So hopefully they get back before I have to leave for work. Otherwise, I may just wait 'till next Tuesday when I get back from London, because my way of bringing it up rather depends on them knowing / remembering that I went there.

[3] For the past several months now, we have continued getting letters from the bank about our Grandpa's estate, despite being told the money has already been fully distributed. It seemed sort of weird, and, as I've mentioned a couple times in here, I wondered if that meant we'd still be getting more eventually. If whoever told Naomi what she told me yesterday is the truth, there will still be another $5,000 coming to us at some point. I don't mean to make it sound like I'm not excited for that (if we do, I'll definitely be commissioning a full fursuit), but until we actually get the checks, I'm going to treat the whole idea that we're getting more as a very big "maybe".

Also on the topic of money though, got paid today, which was ~$470. Plus $50 that Mom owed me, but I'm just keeping that in my room for this coming Sunday - Tuesday. That should put me up to about $7,700, so once again, by the middle of September, I want to have at least $8,000 in my checking account. And now I have to pose a question to whoever's reading this. Since I plan on putting at least half of that into savings at the beginning of 2009, what would be a good amount to try to remain at? 2,000? 3? I'm probably going to aim for the latter, but I figured I'd ask anyways~

As for other things, there aren't much, that I can think of, anyways. Working 9 - close tonight, with George, Manoah, and Steve, and we have Cindy to close the dining room as well, so we should be fine. I was actually supposed to start at 9 yesterday too, but I showed up for 8, so I changed anyways and started getting stuff done for closing, like bagging pans and all that.

Mom and Dad are now home though, so I should probably ask them that before they get busy with making supper~

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