Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

One More Thing to Do...

Of those three things I listed yesterday, there was really only one thing I could / wanted to do anything about, and I did. Almost lost my chance too, because Dad started walking out into the dining room, but I told him to wait, several times, and he finally came back, so I showed them the picture (well, the thumbnail of the picture :s), and asked what they would think if I got something like that. Dad's response was more favorable, but mom answered first.

She thinks it would be terrible if I did get something like that, because what happens if I decide I don't want it anymore at some point in the future? I said that was my reason for asking them now - what good would it do to make the decision that I do want it, *then* ask them, and possibly be told "No"? So yeah. And then around 4:30, I went upstairs to ask Naomi to take a picture of my back, seeing as she has the only working digital camera in this house (the flash is broken on the other one), but as it would happen, Mom's door was open, and I knew if I said anything then, she'd ask what we were doing, and more than likely once again tell me she doesn't think it's a good idea.

Two of the cats were in her room though, so I went in there to pet them, but before I even made it through the door, Naomi (who was standing off to the side) said "Mom's going to try to convince you not to get that tattoo again."

I should probably note at this point that one of the things that really helped yesterday night was her coming into the kitchen at the exact moment I was asking that question, and saying she wanted to get a tattoo too. Oh, and she wanted to see the picture too, but as with Mom and Dad, I just pointed to the thumbnail. That also helped for asking to have a picture of my back taken, because to go to Mom and Dad might be a bit awkward, Adam, slightly less so (but he's still probably ask why), and Naomi, well, that one's rather obvious :p

Getting back to Mom though, I listened to what she had to say for a minute (risk of HIV, infected needles, and once again, what happens if I decide I don't want it at some point in the future), then told her the same thing I did yesterday night. I'm asking now, so I can concentrate more on whether or not it's something I really want. Then for some reason she asked "So have you decided?", and I simply asked if she remembered what I just said.

Now, as for Dad, his response was a single sentence: "All I'll say is you're an adult, so that's your choice to make."

Some part of me sort of wonders if he said that because he notices I don't ask them serious questions like that too often, and thus when I do, I must really want (in this case) whatever I'm asking about, but meh.

Oh, and Adam said it'd probably be really expensive, but as with the other thing, there's not a whole lot of good in worrying about the money when I haven't even asked them.

Anyways, one other thing for now, because I want to make some supper. I believe this was a complete afterthought:
"I'm really in a pinch right now with my current projects, so they probably wouldn't be. For which I apologize."

That was SPark's response to me asking if my paws would be ready to be shipped back along with that tail I'll be sending her, as well as those arm warmers. What are you apologizing for? The fact that they wouldn't be done in time? Why is that in a completely different sentence then? Say it in your head, and type it down as you hear it there. And by that I mean "... so they probably wouldn't be, for which I apologize."

One more reply later, however, and I found that it'll be about three weeks before she has a chance to work on them (I am slightly miffed because it's been almost two months since I sent her the money, and I don't know if *any* progress has been made yet), so I'll be sending that tail out when I get back / home from London next week. Unfortunately, that means I won't have the tail in question for when I go to London again on the 22nd, but I've been toying with the idea of bringing the very first one I bought, as well as the second one from Chesh. And having mentioned her name reminded me. I'm going to email her again on the 31st, and if I still haven't received a reply by the time I'm back in Chatham, I'll be including some money for a pair of ears in what I'll be sending to SPark. Why? Last time I heard from her was July 28th.

Anyways, getting back to the tail thing, that way I can wear the big one to the apartment / out to the park if we end up going there, but I'll have the other one for when we're inside, because it's one of them that's long enough that it drags on the ground a little bit, and although I like it like that, I wouldn't want to take it outside :s

So... yesh. It's time I went out to the kitchen and found something to eat~


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