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Starting a Bit Early...

As I said a couple times now, my plans were to start looking into getting Christmas presents in September. Just this afternoon, however, I purchased one of them ^^ Well, technically not "purchased", because it was paid for with an eCheck, but meh. And then Noir gave me a link to a record to CD recorder, but it's $350 :x I'll probably still get it, just not right away.

And as for today, everything went pretty much the same as last time, right up to having to stop about halfway to London so another train could pass us. Getting to the apartment was sort of interesting, because I walked to Adelaide, as I said I would when I got home last time. Nothing wrong there, and I took a slightly different way, which was fun. Oh, and I got honked and yelled at quite a few times, undoubtedly because of my tail, but as I said before, I rather expect that to happen, and at least one lady waved at me (yes, I waved back as well), so that works. However, the past two times I've come here, there was a bit of waiting involved at the bus stop near the Dundas / Adelaide intersection. This time though, the bus was already there, and by the time I walked up to it, the doors were already closed. So, instead of waiting there hoping the driver would see me, I kept on walking. The entire way to the apartment ;_; Although to be fair, I stopped to rest at a bus stop that was somewhat covered in shade, intending to get on the bus if it came along, but I felt rested enough to continue walking well before it drove by.

Moving on, in the parking lot outside (the) Hasty Mart, there was a guy either loading or unloading stuff from the trunk of his car, wearing a purple shirt (that fact might be important). What did he want? To take a picture. Well, two, for what it's worth, but once again, meh. I figured "Whatever. I said yes to that other kid last time, so I might as well say yes to this guy", so he took his pictures, asked me what it was all about (he was actually the third one today to think it was some sort of dare), and I continued on my way. Well, actually, as I started walking again, he said "Next time try purple" or something. Dear Sir: I have a giant purple and white tail at home, thanks. Sort of weird.

So anyways, I continued on to the apartment from there, and that's about where we are right now. Had a decent-length chat with Noir and played Mungyodance 3, but that's about all I've done since I got here :s The TV is apparently not working too, which sort of sucks because I planned on watching a movie tonight, but I can always do that with my laptop~

And otherwise, yeah. More *might* come later, if I can think of anything else I meant to write, but I had planned on going out to get ice cream (assuming Hasty Mart has it) as well as other snacks, but I figured I should write this first, instead of procrastinating and putting it off 'till before I go to bed :p

So yesh. Off I go. Well, first I should probably tell Cola I'm going, but he's in the same room anyways ^^;

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